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The product I finally received is being tested at an independent lab. Mailed it in on Friday, 18 MAY 2012. I should be getting the final report 29 MAY 2012. I will post as soon as possible. My friends received their meds and have sent them to this independent lab for analysis. Two are meds for anxiety, but they did not help him. He has not taken that particular med for 3 months (no tolerance), and it was not effective what so ever! We can hardly wait to find out what they are. The other friend has never taken benzodiazepines,but is going through a divorce, and is quite anxious. He took the anxiety med and reports no relief. Visited his local emergency room to obtain relief.

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June 13, 2012
Did you ever find out what was in those pills?
August 04, 2012
In reply to an earlier comment

yes, did you ever get the results? my order of valium was real so i cant say i had an issue with quality, just slow shipping.
April 27, 2014
I've ordered from Cheapscrips in the past and, while delivery was slow, the product I got (Valium) was the real McCoy.

They have a disclaimer/warning on their Valium page stating that they will not "entertain complaints" about the ineffectiveness of their product because the customer has developed a tolerance for it through overuse/abuse. It is telling that your so-called lab results were never posted, which strongly suggests that they sent you genuine product and that you are, in fact, overusing and/or abusing benzos.
3 results - showing 1 - 3