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the waiting is the hardest part...

I ordered valium from this site SEPT 2011 and after many many excuses and FIVE MONTHS the order arrived. It was real and good quality. Because I believed that their shipping issues had been resolved, I ordered again. This order was placed May 1, and I am STILL waiting. They are usually great about emailing you back, but now 3 days have passed with no response. I'll update if I recieve my meds... ARG!

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August 04, 2012
Update: I recieved a very nice letter from the folks @ cheapscipts explaining some pretty tough situations they've found themselves in as of late. I believe that they are sincere and i still believe that they will eventually ship since i DID get my last order. My opinion is that since selling controlled substances has become so hard, we have to expect problems to arise with some pharmacies. I hate waiting as much as the next person, but i have faith that they will come through. What scam company would stay in touch with it's victims? right?
1 results - showing 1 - 1