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Fuxing technology aka Shanghai chemical co ltd sel

I paid over $600 for meds and they sent me emulsoid powder cut with rat poison, when I got out of ICU, I had an email from them "How did you like our stuff?" Evil evil company, got them banned from where they found me and many other victim$, by ripping me for 0ver$600 and almosr killinf me, they will lose $60,000 in online revenues! Put them in SCAMBOOK, RIPOFF and every forum I can, these are evil, dangerous people and I have all the proof needed to show it, that's how I got them banned from their bread and butter, but they email me from IndiaMart and other places, they are trying to get as much $$$$ and do as much damage B4 we close in on them! Beware emails from [email protected] or 03 04, etc Tina and Mary will say bank transfer or w/U... I wired the $600 to Wei Xing Gao in China and got poison with no medicine at all, they had a slick website, no complaints that I could find and research said they were a real company, there's no research that can keep u safe from these bottom feeders!!! -XannieMan They send poison instead of just sending nothing at all, then mock u!! EVIL!!!

(Updated: October 01, 2014)
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December 02, 2016
I don't normally respond to forum posts, but this one is so laughably ridiculous, I have to put in my two cents' worth.

I have bought from Cheapscrips numerous times over the years. While there have been issues with them in the past, particularly with non-shipment or very late deliveries, I was never sent rat poison as this poster claims. Furthermore, their customer service has always been very responsive and have always followed through with reasonable solutions to whatever issues I have raised.

In short, I think this review is total B.S. that has been posted by a competitor. Based on my considerable experience, it is not a credible evaluation of the company.
1 results - showing 1 - 1