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Waiting for cheap Scrips

Had heard mixed reviews about this place so I decided to place an order for their generic Zopiclone as it was cheap. Weeks and weeks later I had forgotten all about it till on day it just showed up. Must have been 5-6 weeks. Could have been longer. Can a postal system really be that slow? I can't comment on the quality of the Zopiclone. I threw it away. I just didn't fancy taking a tablet that had been gods know where for all that time and looked as if it ha been opened than sealed again So, they do dispatch, but what happened between them and your post box is anybody's guess. Really not worth the wait, cheap though they may seem

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December 02, 2016
This review makes no sense. This person ordered product, had it delivered (albeit slowly), and then, without trying it, decides it's defective and throws it away. What exactly is their complaint?
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