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I ordered for the first time on 10/15/08. I was told that they were behind on their orders due to backorders from manufacturers. Then I was finally given a ship date of 11/14/08. Four weeks later on 12/14/08 I still had not received my order so I emailed them twice with different issues. Both emails said the same thing: They said they would re-ship it and a new ship date would be in the comments section on my order in 5-7 days.

As of today, 12/22, there is not a new ship date. Also, I was able to use my debit card. There was a choice between that and the E-gold thing. They don't take credit cards.

I do not think my order even shipped as their was no debit taken from either of my checking accounts for the appropriate time period. So I wrote another email today asking for some honest answers.

So we will see what their next email says. I hope not the same thing as the last two.

[User review update by Wendy, posted on 12/30/08]
Okay here is the latest on whom I have been emailing daily. I rate their customer service a 3 because they are very responsive, but cannot give me a 'reshipment' date on my Oct 15 order. A correction to my previous review - my E-check cleared my bank on Oct. 18 so they have my money -- I just don't have my product. They still accept E-checks in addition to e-gold.

Latest: Their shipper has moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Jujuy, Argentina. He will ship orders from Villazon, Bolivia, which is just across the Argentina border (La Quiaca on Argentina side). According to customer service, he will make the 300 kilometer trip 1-2 times a week to Villazon to ship orders. As of now, they do not the volume of orders per shipment or what orders will ship until he notifies them - then they post the ship dates on the website. After researching where Villazon is (up in the mountains), I picture a guy walking with a backpack from Jujuy to Villazon (the only place in the Americas where you can cross the border on foot per travel blogs). So my last email asked why doesn't he just ship from Jujuy, Argentina? Why travel to Bolivia? OMG do they really have just ONE GUY shipping all their orders who has to make a long trip to Bolivia to do it - once or twice a week? Seriously?

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