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The Drug Buyers Guide is an internet forum who's staff is guilty of favoritism towards certain groups of pharmacies. There are reports of users banned for writing negative reviews on the favored pharmacies and for writing positive reviews on other pharmacies. If found out, Pharmacy Revie.ws forum users face a risk of having their accounts suspended on Drug Buyers Guide just because of their membership with PR. 

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Product quality / site reliability (weighting = 40%)
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Scam powerd by starlite

Drugbuyersguide is a scam. It is run by starlite and blackmail the customers who give negative feedback with the release of personal information. There must not be anything negative written about starlite. Other vendors are discredited because they do not want to pay for this site. They are also blackmailed! If other vendors do not pay on drugbuyersguide.net they are badly talked and discredited. The vendor P P E is also blackmailed. He only gets bad recessions written by the administrators of the site. Users of the forum are completely misinformed! Cheaters and liars. Attention: If you evaluate starlite badly you will be banned and extorted with the release of your private data!

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Unreasonable Admins.that delete negative reviews f

I have been using this forum for over a year without any problems with vendors or shipments. One day I pose a question about the quality of a certain product from Starlite and I get jumped on viciously by admin, being very rude. When I suggested that admin. should help it's members without being so rude I got banned. The admin. deleted other users negative comments about StarliteRX. I don't trust the site anymore. I don't feel like the admins. have the people's best interest in mind, only the reputation of Starlite. I wouldn't trust them.

Tracey Adams
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Paid money, helped others, got 'scolded' they just

I don't understand the point of their website, you have to pay for most sites, then when you leave a review they want only the good reviews and always stick up for vendor, this site does not allow helping each other it's post a good review and give them money. Search options were crazy.

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Poor experience, avoided

This review forum site was around for a long time, long ago got shut down and then re-emerged a few years later, if i'm remembering right. I rarely went there because it wasn't easy to find the information i was looking for (simple stuff like recent performance of a pharmacy i had not used in a while). I went there about 6 months ago, just to report my recent experience with one pharmacy and my experience with a new pharmacy. It wasn't easy for me to figure out how to do either one of these things, so i improvised. I provided two detailed reviews. A little later i went to see if my reviews had posted. They did not. Then i noticed something by my account name on the left side, saying i was banned. It's been a while so i don't remember the details but i think it said to contact admin, which i did, to ask how come banned. I was told that before posting a review of a new pharmacy i needed to go through them. I thought that was reasonable, and i got a timely reply back. i don't remember what the problem was with the other pharmacy but i remember thinking at the time that it didn't feel to me as if they were wanting to screen new pharmacies to protect users, but rather, to promote existing pharmacies that they had some kind of common interest with. I remember thinking that at the time. Although she said i could post now that we had clarified things, the word 'banned' continued to appear. i was able to post a reply on another pharmacy discussion, so it seemed maybe i wasn't banned. but the word stayed up there. i contacted admin to ask about that, and the back and forth exchange that resulted left me not understanding. It wasn't hostile or anything, it just didn't make sense. i haven't been back since, and when i saw this here today and it was mentioned that there were reports of people being banned for reporting favorable about certain pharmacies, it reminded me of this experience. There was just a weird vibe about it, which i haven't encountered at other pharmacy forums.

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I can't rate speed of delivery or anything like that as I use this for help in quitting benzodiazepine drugs. I have had great advice and have no had any threat or bans. I do NOT buy drugs nor would I but I do enjoy the help

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Drugbuyers are Thugs!

drugbuyersguide.com admin sent my name and address to very bad people/vendors who do illegal things. then they sent me a message with my full name and address and told me that all the vendors had my information and they made a veiled threat to my safety...in addition, they emailed me saying they knew where i work and my spouse's name. i would NEVER EVER use this site. i am now working with LE to neutralize the threat. STAY AWAY!

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scam forum?

This is a site that promotes starliterx.

I posted a positive comment concerning a pharmacy that IS discussed on the forum and was promptly banned!

(Updated: March 29, 2016)
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H20shed65 is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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From Bad to Worse ?

DrugBuyersGuide pretends to be a Pharmacy Review Site and indeed, they do review some pharmacies. However, they are owned, run and managed by a well known scam pharmacy known as StarliteRx , so not surprisingly, they often recommend that pharmacy only. They also recently instituted a system where members can "DONATE" money to the site in order to get access to pharmacies and restricted areas faster than a member who does not donate. Talk about shady! The overall atmosphere is one of chaos as they seem to ban members without explanation, the moderators change constantly and previous moderators have been accused of Scamming their own members!

In short: This place is just a front for StarliteRx , the new software is a hot mess and if you're seeking a place to read or post honest reviews of online pharmacies-Keep Moving. This is a place best avoided at all costs, but don't take my word for it. Join and donate a lot of dough to become a DIAMOND SPONSOR and you'll quickly find out that you've wasted your time and money.

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a54fightn is a member of the Pharmacy Reviewer forum
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The new Topix

Front for Star Lite, now run by a bunch of out of control lunatics. LE all over that site, if you visit, be careful... your IP is being recorded and if you upload any personal media or use PM system, the Admin (Star Lite) reads EVERYTHING. Mods are stone cold whack a doo's that would be stuck trying to find their rear end in the dark with a flashlight, a set of mirrors and a 20 page detailed instruction manual. Bathtub meds (moldy, rusty, bathtub meds). Like to split orders in 2 parts (when easily fit in 1) so they selective scam the 2nd part of the order. Buyer beware.... you are not getting what you think you are.... A54

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