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DrugBuyersGuide pretends to be a Pharmacy Review Site and indeed, they do review some pharmacies. However, they are owned, run and managed by a well known scam pharmacy known as StarliteRx , so not surprisingly, they often recommend that pharmacy only. They also recently instituted a system where members can "DONATE" money to the site in order to get access to pharmacies and restricted areas faster than a member who does not donate. Talk about shady! The overall atmosphere is one of chaos as they seem to ban members without explanation, the moderators change constantly and previous moderators have been accused of Scamming their own members!

In short: This place is just a front for StarliteRx , the new software is a hot mess and if you're seeking a place to read or post honest reviews of online pharmacies-Keep Moving. This is a place best avoided at all costs, but don't take my word for it. Join and donate a lot of dough to become a DIAMOND SPONSOR and you'll quickly find out that you've wasted your time and money.

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September 23, 2015
I have been a member as it was the first one I found. They do promote starlight which I watched them stop shipping and bail with the money. They were blacklisted on their own forum then showed back up with email only service yet they are in the website only section. And like sheeps people went right back to them. They said all orders were replaced that didn't show (sure). Lots of people got banned after that I am guessing for posting that was a lie and they never received. However they have a longer forum over there for Ttm than SL. I also found airmail group there before they went down so with reading I found some good vendors and they led me to this forum as well. Here is a million times more informed with 500xs the sources. They try to push you starlight direction. But long ship times,remailers' and bullshit I never even tried them but ttm seems to be reliable bur that is all the sources for controlled substances there 2 period
1 results - showing 1 - 1