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This pharmacy is blacklisted.

This is a dangerous kind of pharmacy for they don't scam everyone, but rather do it selectively. Some customers report lucky deliveries, however, about half of reports about this pharmacy are negative due to failed deliveries and even unsanctioned bank transfers after bank details were shared with them as testified by one of our forum members: 

"I dont't know is this a right place to say this. But my card got scamed when ordering from securetabs :/ They used card and transactions were around 50$ each. They managed to steal around 150$ before bank blocked my card to save rest of my money"

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Ok so far

I've only used this med site twice (before I saw this site blacklist) but they have good ratings and reviews on Trustpilot.
My first order (zolp) (beg Oct '18) was fine, arrived very quickly, good communications with customer service. Seemed legit medication. (can't remember the brand but they were Italian, blister packs had serial numbers and expiry date).
Just received 2nd order of same yesterday. Different company,(Sandoz) blister packs look legit, as above, but no imprint on the pills.
Queried with customer service, who reassured me (Don't know why I asked really, they're not gonna say they're fake) but will give them a good test later on.
Keeping an eye on bank account after reading this!
Gave it 4 for product quality as I'm not too sure just yet with this 2nd lot. May come back and update later.
Speed of delivery only 3 days, customer servece very good.

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I ordered 30 diazepam tablets from this company. When the items arrived, the bubble packs only contained 18 tablets.
I contacted them and they wanted photos of the bubble packs, the envelope, and the tracking code!
Why the tracking code, their given this by the post office? Why the envelope, who keeps envelopes once their opened!
I provided all the information I could, but they refused to either replace the missing tablets or reimburse me.
This company will put every conceivable obstacle in your way rather than provide items you have paid for or reimburse you.
To anyone thinking of using this company, be very careful and expect to loose your money.

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Fine for my first order

Bought before I saw the site was blacklisted. Recieved blue Hab zop instead of the actavis pictured. Tablets work as well as anything I have prescribed surprisingly. Delivery three working days. Went well for me.

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uksleepingpills fine by me

Got some Hab pharmacies blue(!) Zops from this site and having read reviews wasn't expecting much but they actually work, definitely not the full 7.5mg as stated but certainly some active ingredient.. Also had no trouble getting through to customer services when I wanted to confirm the delivery address and the delivery actually turned up much quicker than they advised me it would, 3 business days..... Cheap as well and no illicit activity on my card (as yet)....So, pleasantly surprised tbh.... J

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