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I agree completely with that this is a dangerous type of online pharmacy because they are indeed selective. I don't live in the UK but when I was there a few years ago I ordered some things from them and they were delivered to my UK address. However, when I was there at the end of 2019 for two months I again placed an order and because I trusted them from the first time, it was a fairly substantial order. A small part of it was delivered but they just kept the rest of my money and I have not been able to do anything about it. Please don't trust them. It is run by someone who calls himself Ed Anderson, but having spoken to him on the phone, I would say he is from Indian descent. He has a distinct accent. In fact there may actually be more than one of them going under the same name because when I first ordered from them the person I spoke to sounded like an older person, still not English though. The second time I spoke to supposedly the same person, he sounded younger and with the same type of Indian accent. They are definitely dodgy and will steal from you.

(Updated: November 29, -1)
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