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Thread: Sabotage attempt: This site accused of sending spam!

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    Angry Sabotage attempt: This site accused of sending spam!

    Some of our enemies (who knows, maybe a pharmacy in the blacklisted section) have launched a very crude attempt to try to discredit us by sending out spam from random Yahoo email addresses mentioning this website. Obviously there is nothing we can do about this as we have no control over what emails are sent from Yahoo email accounts.

    To state the obvious: this site will never send out any spam nor ever share any email addresses we hold with anyone.

    I am just posting this in the hope that some recipients of these spam emails will read this text somehow. Anyone who got one of these emails should know that this is a so-called "Joe-Job" spam attack which is NOTHING TO DO WITH US.

    For the record we were forwarded a sample of the email, which read:

    Subject: CUKA
    Body text:
    CUKA Pharmacy Reviewer - Online Pharmacy Reviews CUKA

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    Thanks for the heads up, I think members here know you would never do that. Something similar happened to me a few months ago. Someone or something was able to send out spam making it appear that it came from my gmail account. Gmail advised me to change my password. I changed it immediately, but it happened again a few days later. It turns out I had to change my password AND delete all my contacts. Hasn't happened again (keeping fingers crossed).
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    Thanks for letting us know.

    And agree with poster that we would not suspect this forum of doing this.

    Quilte obvious an email hack/spammer.
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    i wonder are they sending these emails to members or to just anyone?

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    on second thought, i thought that the site is just trying to drum up members-which this would be a lame way- but i guess thats what the spammer wants people to think. the people who get the email will say "why are you trying to get me to look at your site by taking me to a page about weak tramadol" if the receiver thinks that then the spammer wins. that is a genius ploy. who has time to do that.
    maybe its a lonely poster trying to get more people to chat and post. this is so odd.
    it could also be the people that i warned the board about: that toozie lady.
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    Default toozie lady?

    I did a quick search on this site to find your warning about that toozie lady. Maybe you can point me to the thread or post so I can understand this "drama" a little better?
    The example posted on tramadol would make me think someone is trying to market whatever by listing a number of OPs' with theirs being the best deal. Is this the intent? Or is there more going on to try and discredit PR? Could be the best deal is a scam and another money for nothing.
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    i just clicked on my username and looked at my past posts. the thread is called "warning was issued for"

    i was just throwing things out it could have been anyone. i have not gotten the email. i know that ordering is serious but that seems like to much work, they may as well get a real job.
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  7. Thanks for this informative update. What was you just throwing out there?
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  9. Default sabotage attempt.

    Thankyou for the explanation...i was getting nervous even coming to this site...then with the spam message i was going to quit. So now i feel a bit more relieved.

    Dear visitor, If you are looking for an online pharmacy please take a look at the following pharmacies in our Top Rated section. Each one has genuine, uncensored feedback from real users.

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