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Thread: what is seroquel side effects

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    This drug was a complete nightmare for me I would sleep all day for weeks only waking up short periods of time to feel pissed off at nothing at all it was horrible for me but doc kept telling me it will get better so give it time 3 weeks and ill never take it again, everyone is different I am sure many people find it to be helpful for sleep or there symptom's,
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    what is seroquel side effects
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosleepforweeks View Post
    I keep a small supply of seroquel in the rare instance I need to knock myself out fast.

    I got so fat when I used to take it daily. I gained about 30 kilos. Once I swallowed that seroquel the fridge would get completely hurt. I just couldn't stop eating! I felt like I was on the verge of getting an illness or something e.g. diabetes. It totally ruined my sex life and I was not motivated to do anything.

    People actually snort this drug in prison. I couldn't think of anything worse.
    Yes, for a period of time I let a doctor try this drug on me and others and every one made me gain weight a lot of it too, I stopped letting him experiment on me and now I am losing weight slowly but a lot better now I don't have to deal with side effects !

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    Prescribed this and another antipsychotic for anxiety & depression...I found nothing beneficial from this med...descending into an anxiety ridden haze hardly able to function and losing myself...Despite this my p-doc wanted to increase the dosage....Reading the posts here and doing my own research I'm astounded and angry that this kind of medication can be given out with no concerns like candy....It's being used for so many 'off label' reasons - it's criminal....and of course it's one of the biggest sellers....

  5. I have bi-polar 1 disorder. I have been taking Seroquel for 9 years or so. I always have manic episodes in the springtime and I do not sleep for always 17 days. After about a week I can finally lie down for an hour or so. I cannot sit down. I usually clean, walk around outside or just lean against a pole. I am lucky to live in the country and my mother takes care of me so I don't have to be hospitalized anymore. I am 56 years old and for five years I have had terrible headaches. I was diagnosed with having a herniated disc and I use the Fentynal Patch (75's)and hydrocodone. I am looking for a surgeon to replace the disc in my neck. Two nights ago I was feeling manic so I tripled my Seroquel. I woke up with one of the worst headaches I have had in a long time. So last night I took a very small amount of Seroquel and today I had only a slight headache. I researched the Serquel and had no idea it could cause headaches. In the study I read of 7,600 people, 32 percent of complained of headaches. I was floored. I first took Zyprexa when it first came out during a manic episode. I assume I started taking Serquel while I was having a manic episode looking for something to bring me down. I used Benadryl to sleep last night. In the same study only 1 percent of people taking Zyprexia complained of headaches. The study included age, gender, the length of time people have taken the drugs among other things. Has anyone in my shoes have headaches when using Seroquel? Has anyone using zyprexia have headaches? If you have taken either of these drugs, do you have headaches? My other question is should I just go cold turkey tonight and see if I have a headache in the morning? Can you imagine having surgery as dangerous as herniated disc surgery in your neck and it is my medication? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I took some from a friend as I heard it helped me sleep. it caused me to feel very very depressed I have never ever felt so down. I just lay in bed unable to move I was that depressed, when i did get to sleep I had nighmares, I tried the same thing again and once more it made me feel depressed. I had no suicidal thoughts but if I had that med could have been dangerous.

    I also tried risperone with as I did not like the side effects I stupidly took alcohol with it and slept for many many hours. i was lucky.

    if you dont need anti psychotics it is not worth trying them.

  7. I have gained 70 pounds on this med in 4 years, and my doc said it was not a weight gainer. Also, it is almost impossible for me to stop taking this drug as I have severe withdrawal problems like constant nausea, teeth hurting!, back pain, and of course insomnia! Seroquel is schedule V but it should be schedule II given the withdrawal problems. How many geriatric people did it kill in nursing homes after the FDA told the nursing homes to stop giving it to everybody so as to shut people up (basically a drug straight jacket)? The old people could not have handled the withdrawal just like I cannot handle mine.
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    I've been on Seroquel 300mg XR since 2011. In the first couple years I went from 175 to 263 pounds. I did the low carb thing and lost the weight but I still have to keep a close eye on what I eat (staying away from carbs) and my weight. I try to stay between 175-185 pounds, it's not easy but for me this really helps with my bipolar. My psychiatrist added Wellbutrin 450mg daily (3 x 150mg XL every morning) that helped also with depression and for me helped with my weight. I agree the withdraw symptoms are horrible, when I had initially gained so much weight I decided I was done with it. After 3 days I was back on it and haven't missed a day since. Overall for ME the pros outweigh the cons but I would definitely say it's not for everyone and I think people should be warned about the side effects properly before starting it.
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  9. I have been taking Seroquel for 2 years, from 2015 to 2017 (for depression), and i have put on weight from 152 to 194 pounds. I also noticed tiredness during the time, while i took Seroquel.

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    It failed my test of if you cant even have 1 beer without heading straight to the sick bed, its too strong, even at the smallest fraction of a dose. At least at first...dont know about once you get a tolerance.

  11. what is seroquel side effects
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