Hi guys,

Just a quick "show of hands", as it were, to anyone that has any experience of being on both, of either or these drugs? I've been on olanzapine for about 7 years after trying many other medications that didn't control my positive schizophrenic symptoms very well, nor my negative ones. Olanzapine seems to control the negative ones very well, and the positive ones is about 50/50 truth be told.

After a recent episode and escalation, one of which ended up with police kicking my door down and dragging me to a hospital for a several day stay after a suicide attempt, and then another paranoid episode which has led to a s47 assault charge, I've requested a change in my medication.

The only other antipsychotic I've taken apart from olanzapine that has decreased my symptoms has been haloperidol, which I'm reluctant to try due to the side, effects, and the same as clozapine has been recommended, but I'm very much deterred by the likelihood of what it can lead to.

Which leads me to this, during all of the research I have done on effiacy of controlling positive symptoms in schizophrenic patients, with the exception of clozapine, amisulpride has proven most effective, even more so than olanzapine.

So with that in mind, do you think it'd be worth asking my pyschiatrist to switch me over? Or perhaps add it slowly and titrate me down off of the olanzapine until we find a good balance?