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Thread: Amitriptyline for sleep?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romanov View Post
    Hi @equinox when I was a practicing physician I would sometimes prescribe a small dose of amitriptylene for insomnia, certainly no more than 50mg. It can make some people feel very groggy in the morning so I would prescribe 100mg of modafinil to use on the mornings when they felt groggy. It seems to work very well, and at such small doses tolerance doesn’t seem to be a problem like it does with a drug like zopiclone

    At my local practice, they will go as high as 75mg. I am personally prescribed 50mg at night and been on that for roughly 8-9 years...
    I have meet people who have been prescribed up to 200mg of the drug. They have been most of them with mental health issues...
    Were the drug was used many years ago. I have even heard of small children been prescribed it for bed wetting at 5mg at night...

    I must admit for nerve pain which i get my legs has worked great!! and find it to be far better than being on any Anticonvulsant meds that get used for that nerve pain..
    all the best Dinger

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    I'm thinking of asking my doc to up my dose from the 10mg I'm on. The first few nights of taking this I was in a lovely groggy heaven that sent me right back to sleep. But now it feels like the tablets are a kind of security blanket med. I'm typing this at 2.30am, which is a big part of the problem for me. My sleep hygiene needs a serious overhaul. I promised myself I'd go to bed at 12.30 each day, but because sleep has become some sort of enemy I always find reasons to stay up. Like visiting this thread.

    I know my sleep problems are linked to anxiety. But I've dodged any treatment for that problem other than cbt, which made me feel a bit stupid because the generic, but truthful, answer was can't you see that you should stop worrying, it's not helping.

    It's too late for me to feel the benefit of an amitriptyline tonight. But, because of the ease of prescription, I'm still going to fly the flag for it.

  4. Amitriptyline for sleep?
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