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Thread: beta blockers for social anxiety

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    Op this is the first time I ever heard that beta blockers work on working and solving the problem with anxiety.This is not cased at me.I had anxiety at the deepest form and darkest one I faced in my life and depression.Only benzos help me.

  2. i've heard them being used for "stage fright" - but honestly, if you're having an anxiety attack this stuff isn't going to work.

    I have an arrhythmia I have to take metoprolol for, and when it starts, sometimes I will go into a full-blown panic attack and still have to take a Xanax to calm the hell down while the metoprolol does its job. Heart problems are scary.
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  3. I have bad social anxiety with panic attacks as well as PTSD, and I'm on propranolol to take the edge off my physical anxiety symptoms (I was originally prescribed atenolol, but it worsened my asthma A LOT, propranolol is more heart-specific). I honestly don't feel like it does much, but I stay on it just in case it is helping... plus it was in the 'couldn't hurt' list for migraine prevention.

    I've seen some people have great responses to beta blockers the way others do to benzos, but for most people they just are the pill equivalent of a deep breath when they work... and have nasty physical side effects that could just flare up your panic symptoms in the meantime.

  4. I have been on atenolol for about 5 years as a migraine treatment, 100mg, now down to 50mg. It worked for that condition but I can't say I ever noticed an anti-anxiety effect, even at the high dose which caused the pharmasist to draw to one side and ask how I could remain standing. During that same time I had a short term presecription for diazepam to control panic attacks.

    Propanolol didn't work for me - for migraines or anxiety. It is very short acting. One thing about propanolol is that it is not as selective as atenolol. It hits a wider variety of receptors and can cross the brain barrier. It can cause a greater variety of side effects for that reason, although generally is pretty well tolerated by most people.

    Both drugs encourage a low heart rate, which can promote calmness (as well as a steady hand which is why snooker players and fine jewelers sometimes use propanolol). This regulating the heart rate can be effective for limiting anxiety in specific situations - but temporarily (especially in the case of propanolol).

    On the longer term, I can attest to the fact that it is entirely possible to have a full blown panic attacks even if you have a daily resting heart rate of less than 60 and blood pressure of 90/60. And the side effects of constant low heart rate/blood pressure (dizziness, fainting, inability to regulate temperature, difficulty in doing cardio exercise) are not really that great.

    As always, most of this is just based on my experience, so feel free to make of it what you will.

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