The name is rapamycin, its an antibiotic as well as anticancer and anti-rejection drug. It has also been shown to extend lifespan in older animals and speculation is that it will extend human lifespan even when given at old age.

Experiments with various small animals as well as yeast and fruitflies found it extended lifespan by up to 38%. It does it by a complicated process in which it suppresses a signaling pathway that is important early in life but becomes counter productive later in life. It treats cancer and blocks new cancer from forming. The downside is that it lowers the immune reaction so might leave you more vulnerable to infections though it is an antibiotic all by itself. It also treats fungal infections.

No studies have been done on humans for antiaging properties, it would take decades to get results and no one wants to pay for that since huge profits can't be squeezed out of it. A number of people have used it and one thing they report is that it leads to a reduction in weight, they lost fat. That alone makes it very interesting, the cancer prevention is very interesting, the life extension is interesting too

So after hearing about it for years I finally took the plunge. Its expensive but a few places sell it cheap. I've seen 0.5 mg tabs for 4 or $5 each when you buy 30, I found a well respected place that sells 5mg tabs 12 for $80. I take 1/4 of a tab per week, on my second week so far without any bad side effects. Weight loss is iffy, I was a lb down after a week but that could be anything or nothing.

here is a link to get you started if interested in learning more. I will not post the place where I got it, pm if you want it. This is a potent drug and not to be played with carelessly. Probably not for you young folks under 40. It also prevents epilepsy and other things.