Anyone been doing Ketamine infusions for chronic pain (no not just/or depression)?
It is cost prohibitive for me mostly as I am sure I'd need it weekly which means about $400 a week and I can't stand lousy IV nurses. I get that a lot.

Anyways, there a number of clinics now where I am at. They are not cheap I am positive. Some folks go for depression and I believe have more luck and it lasts longer.

My deep depression stems solely from my incessant pain I live in daily 24/7. I've done most things aside from pumps and wasteful spine "zappers" that I know will not work for my conditions.

So anyone out there doing this for pain? I know it works for a while for pain. I've had my share of anesthesia and some side notes. How wonderful to shut off pain receptors or tweak them.
Like being born back into my rough and tumble body I had. Short I know.

Insurance does not cover it but if there's a trick to getting a lot out of an infusion- I am all years. I am too young to go out like this so I hope someone else has had great results and can give some guidance.

My spine is shot, cervical stenosis, chest pains (heart attack, congenital defect (the good one! ha), it goes on.

There are no other pain meds I can think of that will be life changing for me. Just want to travel some more b4 I head over to "Switzerland".

Thank you