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    I don't even know where to begin but I will try to explain our story.. just hooing to find others with some feedback that are knowledgeable with epilepsy...
    October 2016, my husband fell at work and git his head so hard he was out cold for about 45 minutes. He woke up when he the ambulance got him to hospital. We had every test and scan done possible. He had a 48 hr EEG that should at night he had a brain wave that mimicked seizure but wasn't a seizure... That doesn't even make sense but it did to the Neurologist... So she put him on Keppra 2-500 mg a day. He was off work for an entire year. He lost his CDL because of the fall.. the laws are crazy strict with CDL drivers who had a unconscious event more than 10 minutes. He lost them for 8 years... anyways, hr did not have any seizures the entire year he was off. So he finally got another job in October 2017. After two weeks of working he had a seizure... A week later another one ... So he had to quit because his Dr. Said noway he can drive a car let alone work until we figure out whats going on.. so he had some test scheduled he will be going through next week. In the meantime she has started him on Lamictal and is 6 week transition to build in his system and taper off of Keppra... We think he is having little seizures but we don't for sure until these test. I just have so many questions my head is constantly thinking and trying to figure things out... How does this effect his future? Can he ever work again? Can these seizures ever be controlled ? How do even know when he would be ok to work again?This medicine change we don't him to become a Lab rat... This has flipped our lives upside down... He is so depressed ... Can't do anything because when he tries he starts having tremors , muscle twitches, nausea,. Teeth chatter, list goes on and on and then he becomes extremely exhausted and can sleep pretty much for days... Where do we even go from here... We are living on one income ... I make decent salary and can pay the bills but everything is just a struggle and so upside down... I just don't know what to even do anymore. I have no one to talk to that knows about epilepsy ... I tried joining an online forum for epilepsy and this lady emailed me and said this forum is for people who have had someone die because of epilepsy and best you do not join... Well shit, reality really hit me that my husband can die because of this !!! But I couldn't get her to answer any questions.

    I don't know if anyone can shed some light light with this and possibly help but I figured what do I have to lose !
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    Hi there! I do not have epilepsy myself, nor does anyone in my family, but I have been the one who has suffered a seizure (in the past year). They determined it was isolated and luckily I did not have my driving privileges revoked. If it happens again though, I most likely will be put on a driving restriction.

    I'm sorry to hear what you and your husband are going through -- it has to be tough watching someone go through that Especially when it effects their lives to the point of them being depressed -- aka, their quality of life has decreased. What I would recommend is a second opinion -- seek out another specialist. That may put your mind at ease better than just one doctor being like 'Okay, lets give you this hardcore medication and send you on your way, have a nice day'. Anti convulsant/seizure meds are nothing to f*ck with, from what I understand. I was worried I would be put on one, but luckily they did an EEG and I checked out as "normal". . heh heh. . yeah, for NOW.

    I hope things get on the up and up for you soon. Best of luck w/ everything.
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    Thank you for responding. My husband just had an MRI and and another EEG test. Waiting for results but I was able to pull his results up for MRI . I sure hope I find a forum or someone with issues or knowledge about this stuff. So tough to have noone to talk to about it who can shed some light....
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    I ad a terrible fit/seizure about a week ago due to alcohol withdrawal, smashed my face up real back, can't remember a thing, only just come out of hospital.

    Going for an MRI scan today to see wheather I have epilepsy. Apparently I actually died and had resuscitation to stay alive. Broke my nose and may have to have an operation on it. You don't realise how many people you hurt by being an alcoholic so I really have to sort myself out. Just by being sober for over a week I'm feeling good, just hoping the MRI scan is OK.

    Will report back once I have the results regardless.
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    Oh my that is awful... please update once you have some answers..
    I wish you the best of the luck with continuing to be sober!!! Take hour by hour!

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    My daughter had epilepsy when she was in high school. She had 2 different kind of seizures. The absence and what used to be called grand mal.
    60% of all epilepsy diagnoses are adults. A high fever, an injury to the brain or who knows? They don’t really.
    She was on lemictal too. $300.00 a month. We had to buy week by week.
    She doesn’t have them anymore, you don’t really grow out of it either. She says God healed her. I believe her. In her 20’s we belonged to a very good church. We all prayed together for each ones needs.
    It wasn’t a one moment I’m epileptic and one moment I’m not type of thing but her seizures slowly went away.
    She is almost 40 now and hasn’t had one in almost 20 years. We lay the blame on God cuz we asked Him.

    - - - Updated - - -

    She couldn’t drive for a long time and when I tried to teach her she drove into trash cans. It seems stress is a big seizure starter.

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