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    I have been on Neurontin for seizures for about 8 months. My pharmacist told me today that it becomes controlled in November. It is so frustrating. I was on Keppra, plus another one for a year or two. When he changed it to Neurontin, it was nice to have little to no side effects. I can see the writing on the wall. Once it goes controlled, he will change it to something else. Anyone else take it for seizures?
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    Didn't know that. My vet has to take it herself for neuropathy and also now prescribes it for one of our German Shepherds as gabapentin for a degenerative neuro condition in her back and hips. Two 300mg caps a day and it flat works. Made a significant difference. She could barely walk 10 ft. before she started on it.
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    @gitmein. I have been researching it some and it appears only certain states are, or have, scheduled it. I just wish I could stay on it since it works for me. I just have this feeling that once it is scheduled, my neurologist will feel pressured into changing my meds. ????

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    @gitmein I am prescribed 300 mg, three times a day.
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    Just because it is becoming scheduled in your state doesn't mean your doctor will change your med. I would discuss with your doctor about it and how well it works for you. Why did they decide to schedule that med? That is crazy. I take it twice a day due to severe nerve pain so I get it.
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    @mymesh, it looks like only three states want to schedule it, at a 5. That's pretty low, and even if you're in those states, don't worry. it is an anti-seizure med that you need. it is not addictive, and they want to schedule it because when used with another drug, it might produce euphoria. i imagine that having a drink on top of many meds would produce euphoria too.

    doctors are pretty free with schedule 5s. i've been offered tramadol often despite its being scheduled and that's for pain. you have a documented illness too. good luck if you live in those states!
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    @notcharlotte Thanks for the information. I think I panicked because the pharmacist went on and on about how every pill would have to be accounted for, and how it was being abused. It does work for me. I take it exactly as directed. Once I forgot I had taken it so I took it again. It made me so dizzy I felt nauseous. I can't imagine taking alot of it! I took Keppra for a while and hated it. It made me so sleepy I could hardly function. Thank you again.
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    Not that this will help with it being scheduled, because it is scheduled as well, but Lyrica, is used for the same things as Neurontin. I have used both for neuropathy. Lyrica was always a fight with insurance, because it was so expensive, but the patent is over, so it is now a generic. It was much more effective for me than Neurontin. You might want to ask your doctor. But then again, as they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you are doing good now, I wouldn’t worry about it being scheduled, or not. It is the lowest schedule, and unlikely your doctor would change it, as already mentioned.
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