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Thread: The horrible circle of Tramadol and Benzos

  1. Question The horrible circle of Tramadol and Benzos

    After 7 years decide to jump in the basket full of pills advises aka our forum.
    Tramadol vs Benzos vs CBD oils is my main question here.
    It can help us to overcome this once for all or we will stay addicts for life as prisoners of pharma.

    I had very bad times before 7 years and I read a lot on this forum to overcome my pain which lately get in some kind of transformation to anxiety and almost depression which push me to take benzos a lot of them.
    Guys I had very terrible experience with this especially anxiety about 2 years.
    This is devil illness I say.
    But put me on benzos in huge quantity per day and today I'm functioning some how with small dose but still bothers me how to get rid in full.
    Can CBD oils be some kind of replacement for tramadol and benzos.
    Whats i your experience on this matter.
    I read a lot but only I find commercial CBD industry not neutral reviewers.

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