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Thread: clearsky pharmacy

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Delightful_Destruction View Post
    Hey how did your order end up going with these guys? I am curious because there is no other updates from anyone. Does anyone else have any new information?
    Got my order, everything went smooth and as far as i could tell it was all legit
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  2. Making second order now and will update to see if that works fine too

  3. Quote Originally Posted by cameronhook View Post
    Making second order now and will update to see if that works fine too
    According to tracking it's in the country so assuming it makes it through customs it should all be good.

  4. I tried ClearSky for the first time and just received my order. The reason I wanted to try them is because they have a pretty good selection and I wanted to see if they could be a legit backup to my regular vendors. Everything seems to be ok with my order. Shipping took about 3 weeks which is a little longer than other places I've used. That fact, plus the amount they charge for shipping will probably mean I won't use them much unless they have something I can't find anywhere else.

  5. Got my order, everything is good

  6. Anyone ordered from them recently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingkelly View Post
    Anyone ordered from them recently?
    My browser (Opera) gave me a warning about an invalid certificate and they could not identify the server.
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  8. Oh yikes! I do everything from my mobile phone so lol scary to think what these sites have done to my phone.

  9. Ordered from there a few months ago. The letter got here in a few weeks, everything works as advertised. Decent, not amazing prices. Would definitely use again.
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  10. This site appears to have been taken down. Anyone else seeing this?

  11. Seems to be up and running now.

  12. Just checked it and it’s down again

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    Ordered 50 pills of Tadali Superb by Alpha Pharma (20mg tadalafil + 60mg dapoxetine) from

    All times are UTC+3

    * Ordered @ 10/23 00:38 (got an email about ethereum payment details @ 01:58)

    * Paid by ethereum @ 10/24 14:42

    * Sent them an email about payment and ethereum transfer id (TXID) @ 10/24 14:54

    * Payment confirmed and order accepted @ 10/24 15:25 (with email feedback)

    * Shipped @ 10/25 13:00 (with email feedback with tracking info, also stating that "It may take 3-8 days for reliable tracking results.")

    Item first appeared on tracking (and @ 11/03

    Landed on Turkey @ 11/06

    Cleared customs (with €5 fee) @ 11/08

    Waiting for the postman...

    I will update about the quality of meds when they arrive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by temmuz View Post
    I will update about the quality of meds when they arrive.
    * Collected it from post office @11/11

    * Got an email from clearsky about successful delivery @11/16 (so they're following up with their deliveries - good)

    Although I have never tried tadalafil or dapoxetine before (just sildenafil) it is obvious that pills are legit.

    Normally 25mg of sildenafil is ok with me, which should correspond to 5mg of tadalafil. Anticipating dapoxetine's suppressing effect, I bit 1/3 of the pill (of 20mg tadalafil + 60mg dapoxetine) which is roughly equivalent to 7mg tadalafil + 20mg dapoxetine. Felt it's taste with the tip of my tongue. Dapoxetine is so bitter (more like chilli hot) that it is impossible to discern tadalafil's taste (which I don't know anyway). It numbed the tip of my tongue in a minute. That hot.

    Sildenafil used to take full effect in half an hour. Tadalafil took almost 2 hours (due to dapoxetine I guess) and dapoxetine took its full effect after 3 or 4 hours. Dapoxetine is not short acting as advertised. It was in full effect even after 12 hours.

    What is funny is that, after 12 hours as dapoxetine's suppressing effect on tadalafil starts to gradually wear off, while tadalafil is still in full effect, erection quality got even better (almost as good as sildenafil) after 12 hours!

    So, regarding their timings, dapoxetine is best with tadalafil IMO.

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