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  1. It's safe and reliable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingkelly View Post
    Ya it says connection not safe or private when I try to click order on a specific med. Hmmm
    Ya I saw that as well and actually asked when I called in to get a tracking number in case that was stoping the email and they said their certificate or something ran out and would be renewed in a few days..... Must be some security thing for secured sites or something. Anyhow, will see if it comes up again next time. Anyhow, order still went through and was delivered, so I am happy

  4. Thanks guys! Placed order today. We will see what happens. I used e check.

  5. Does anyone know how long orders take to ship? It says the Dr approved my med request today.
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  6. @Kingkelly I placed my first order with these folks on Nov 26, 2018. Received an email that order was Dr. Approved, & status changed to shipped on Nov 28, 2018.

    I received a pkg (was wrapped in a tube like configuration, like a rolled up magazine) and NO Cotton--so it rattled like rocks in a glass jar (lol).

    Pkg received on Dec 3, 2018 and all was correct, with regards to type & count.

    At the same time, I also placed an order for my husband, using his name on the order--- the pharmacy folks used my info, name, email addy on the order instead of my husband.

    I am not sure why, but not an issue apparently, considering both orders arrived in separate pkgs and MINE had to be signed for (I know--really!!!)

    there you have it........ I will use this pharmacy again.

    kingkelly asking questions helps further your learning of how PR works and how to help you get to know other members.

    (P.S. -- It is snowing at our house in Lubbock, Tx)

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    I forgot to add that i paid with E-check from our bank acct. So far only the 2 orders have been charged.
    Like anything else, i will continue to monitor our bank acct. just because.
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  7. Thank you for this info your super helpful! I'm glad it all worked out for you. I'm waiting on one order from a pharmacy I found online but will order from this one if it fails. Snow in Texas? Wow thats awesome. Happy holidays

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