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Thread: Medstore ( Medstore-Online.IN )

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    They are the same for quite a big time already, I got an email from them as for changing the domain name because the previous one was suspended

  2. I used this OP for the last 11 years and posted twice that they did a good job. This was back when they were a "top rated pharmacy". I have a dedicated credit card which I use with them and only them. About 2 years ago I placed an order and 6 months later, someone tried to use my credit card at Dominoes pizza. This means I had to cancel the card and get a new one. After an order placed last year, my credit card was again used by someone at a well known American retain pharmacy. Since I use their "online chat" to place my orders, some hacker may be getting my number that way or somebody is selling the information. If anyone has had a similar experience, I would like to hear about it.

  3. I see many folks give great reviews on all sorts of business but the reviews that really catch my eye are the ones where a business goes above and beyond to rectify a problem. This could be a restaurant or any business.

  4. I just went on Medstore Online. I logged on and they have an accurate record of my previous orders and they used to be pretty reliable. However...

    You can have any drug you want as long as it's Zolpidem. It's like the joke Henry Ford made when he started manufacturing the Model T; you can have your car in any color you want, as long as it's black. What's up with that? Has anyone used them lately, are they still reliable?


  5. They are ok. very reliable but the prices are outrageous. Good and reputable though.
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    Any reasons not to use them?

    Dear visitor, If you are looking for an online pharmacy please take a look at the following pharmacies in our Top Rated section. Each one has genuine, uncensored feedback from real users.
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