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Thread: Inderal (Propranolol), Tramadol on urine test - terrible situation and urgent

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    So tram did show up? Wonder if they were specifically testing for it?

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    I actually work with a Lab in processing urine, hair, and blood drug screenings.
    In my dealings with processing at the lab Tramadol has to be added into the drug panel OR added under the Opiates or Opiod umbrella on the panel.
    Most companies don’t request testing for tramadol but their are those that do. For the companies that do test Tramadol, majority of them seem to be more of the gov’t Jobs, safety sensitive jobs, court order request, and pain clinics. The pain clinics will test you for anything that is a scheduled narcotic, regardless of the level it’s schedules at. I am not saying these are the only type of company or service related that screen for Tramadol, just the majority I see that do. There is always that one off that does.
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