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Thread: Female use of silendafil

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    Thinking of how the medicine works, i figured there is no reason that females wouldn't have a similar sort of effect.
    I looked into it and I saw mixed reviews. Some women reported increased sensations during sex and some said that it didn't work.
    I was too curious to pass the opportunity up so I took 1/2 of a 25mg pill.
    It definitely made me more sensitive and it was pretty intense. I got a terrible headache afterwards though!
    Have any other curious women tried sildenafil?

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  3. Well that is interesting.No experience but thanks for sharing.
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    Yes, I've done it several times for fun. I didn't think it was intense and I've taken up to 100 mg pills. More sensitive for sure, but headaches, congestion follow. I'll pop one when a guy is too nervous, to just to get them on board. I WISH there was a real product for women that would combat the hit that anti-depressants have on my orgasm. I thought I heard of something a while back but could be wrong.

  5. Ive heard buspar and bupropion help. My exgf who had multiple orgasms all the time with me and was on antidepressants told me the buspar really made a difference. Ive used yohimbine before which, along with ceebis and penegra, gave me crazy wild orgasms and erections ..but the yohimbe also kept me up at night and made me jittery.

  6. Female use of silendafil

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