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    It would seem that many of the formally branded ED meds are now generic. Recently I picked up
    From Costco
    Sildenafil 100 mg (Viagra) mfg Aurobindo $18.65 qty 10

    From CVS
    Sildenafil 100 mg (Viagra) mfg Teva cost free qty 6
    Tadalafil 5 mg (Cialis Daily) mfg Teva cost free qty 10
    Vardenafil 10mg (Staxyn) mfg Alembic cost free qty 6

    From Compounding Pharmacy of America
    Avanafil (Stendra) 225mg Troche $40 qty 10 troches

    So, as far as results go:
    Costco Viagra - not overly impressed so far. Seems strong at first then tapers off. Need more trials

    CVS Viagra - very good results to report. And oddly even the endings felt better somehow

    CVS Daily Cialis - very good here too, had been taking a script from Canada prior

    CVS Staxyn - had really wanted to give the sublingual a shot as they eliminate the whole food issue. So far these have worked well but I have cheated by adding 1/2 Save Levitra with them. I asked my doc about the 10mg vs 20 in the regular oral pills and he said 10 sublingual was the same but I have not found it to be without some assistance. But they work well with it.

    Compounding Pharmacy Stendra - another of the sublingual meds, this one prescribed by an NP I go to for testosterone. My Urologist prescribed the others. I found out when getting this the first time that the docs / NP's no longer have access to samples now that everything is generic. The brands just won't spend the money on them any more. I had wanted to try a few of these first without cost but that did not happen with no samples available. As for their effectiveness it varies from poor to very good. This seems odd as this was "blended" when I ordered so no old meds here. And I also learned what a troche is - it is a square of medicine that can be cut into 4 equal pieces. In this case a troche was 225 mg, 1/2 troche was 112.5 mg, etc... I have tried everything from 1/4 troche to a full one and still mixed results. Will likely give them one refill to test more, especially now that all my CVS meds are free and no more dealing with the offshore or Canadian folks.

    I am fortunate to have a Urologist that will prescribe everything I ask for. I may try some regular Vardenafil next as I have been using Teva from Canada.
    Also, I have been surprised that these meds (the CVS ones) are free as I don't consider our insurance to be great but pleasantly surprised. And even the Costco meds were not that much compared to offshore plus shipping and I can get a refill whenever I need it.
    One more thing - a few months ago my Urologist tested my testosterone and while in range, it was very low. He gave me two shots and I went back for a test and that worked. I had the chance to give myself shots but chose a gel I rub on my chest daily and it really seems to be working well. Much more energy in several areas My regular doc (who I consider really good) had tested it a few years back and said it was normal.
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    Thanks for this Post. I have Annual Doc appointment coming up and will see how much the generics are with my Insurance. If they are not that good I might go the "GOOD RX" method. There is a thread on "good RX" and the prices are good depending on the pharmacy you use. So you go to GOOD RX website and enter the drug (generic) and then they list the pharmacy in your area. You enter the strength of the drug and quantity and they show the price WITHOUT even joining GOOD RX. I will use my own Insurance if it is a better deal.

    about 5-10 years ago (can't recall) I had my annual Doc appointment and asked about GENERIC Viagra and with the TOP insurance . There was no Generic back then and the price was $ 16 for a 50 mg pill and I was allowed 4 pills per month. At the pharmacy I found out the price without insurance (walk in off the street with a prescription ) was $ 32 a 50 mg pill and if I wanted the 100 mg VIagra it was $ 64. This is how I ended up on this Website ! .

    Now that there are generics I am hoping that I can buy at my local pharmacy with my insurance. IF not I found that the prices for Generic Viagra 100 mg count 90 pills is similar to the places listed here. The only differences is you do not need a prescription to buy Overseas.

    So my suggestion is to look up the generic prices on Good RX and find the best deal and if you are paying more for your private insurance then send the prescription to the local place that accepts Good RX.
    This is my plan.

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    With Humana Medicare, you can get NOW 90 100mg Generic Sildenafil for free, CANNOT beat that!

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    BTW, last year you couldn't get from Humana a single 100mg Sildenafil even if you payed them.

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