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Thread: Combining or Adding to ED Meds

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    Thought I would share a few recent experiences with ED meds.

    A few weeks ago I was having some digestive issues so I took two Imodium prior to taking generic sildenafil. The sildenafil worked great so I thought I would test it the next time, regardless of whether I needed the Imodium or not and the same thing. I told my urologist about this and he made a note of it. He did not understand why it worked immediately but also did not discount that it could have an effect.

    As mentioned in another thread I have mixed sublingual vardenafil (Staxyn) with 1/2 generic Levitra (Sava) with good results. Interesting in that the Savitra by itself has not been great.

    Regarding generic Levitra I have had very good results with Valif, even more so it seems than a script for Sava brand Savitra. Excellent results at 150mg.

    I have combined 1/2 Valif (Adjanta) with 1/2 Lofatra (Cooper) - both vardenafil, with great results. 20mg total.

    Have had very good results combining sildenafil for 150mg - 1 Silagra with 1/2 Eriacta and 1 Sliagra with 1/2 Penagra. Actually did the test as I had some older Silagra laying around.

    Combined 1/2 sildenafil (50mg) (Teva)with full generic avanafil (Stendra troche - Compounding Pharmacy) - worked very well but almost too well - very difficult to finish.

    Combined 10mg generic tadalafil (Modula) with 50mg generic vardenafil (Teva) and had minumal results, very rubbery feeling

    Combined 50mg generic sildenafil (Teva) with 10mg generic vardenafil (Staxyn) - very strong results, very tough ending

    Combined 75mg generic sildenafil troche (Compounding Pharmacy) with 10mg vardenafil sublingual (Almebic) - started to feel like very good results but actually minimal. Not hard enough for sex. Really wanted this one to work as both are sublingual so would not have to worry about effect of food or timing of eating.

    Curious if anyone else has combined ED meds with other ED meds or any other substance for good results?

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