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Thread: have you had any bad experiences with antidepressants

  1. Default have you had any bad experiences with antidepressants

    like more depressed?

  2. Yes, Effexor and it about killed me literally, shocks in the head, seizures, and I was bedridden... after coming off it.

  3. Oh heck yes. HORRIBLE!
    My father was addicted for years and that almost tore our family apart. He was so depressed that he drank even more. Those years were so bad that parts of them are in my mind forever and some of them were so bad that I have blocked them out somehow. A few years later, he got better and my sister became heavily addicted and depressed as well. She also got better with much prayer and dedication on her part. Please don't fall into the trap like my family has. Only God can help you out,
    -Your sister in Christ
    - Madison Faithe

  4. Yes prozac wasnt great for me - weight gain, depression etc but then they put me on Venlafaxine and it worked wonders though I have had to increase it twice which kind of worries me because I think what happens if I just need to keep increasing it I might never get off it ... bla bla bla. But then I do understand that as you stabalise you learn new skills and get your life in order so you dont need them anymore. Then oneday you have put depression past you.

    If you are on them and are feeling depressed you might need to increase the dose - ask your doctor. They are not magic pills they just get you going when you cant get yourself out of a depressive mood they help. Speak to your doc. Good luck

  5. I was put on Wellbutrin and after a month on it I overdosed..... while I was pregnant! Thank god my baby was okay....... it just made me crazy. Now I'm on Cymblalta and doing fine.

  6. suicidal thoughts, weight gain

  7. i was on Prozac and i almost killed my self
    and i felt way more depressed and i felt like it just wasn't me
    i wasn't eating alot which lead to me having an eating disorder
    although some people are different
    you may take this and feel better i just know it wasn't for me

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