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Thread: Help me on how to talk to my doctor Wednesday.....over anxiety!

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    Sorry this is a late reply...I've not been able to log in for a few weeks due to life stuffs & then my cellphone decided to totally blank out or lose ALL of my saved passwords & websites. I had hundreds saved... I have many email addys which I randomly change the passwords to so I couldn't even remember 1 place's password let alone the backup email addy to change my password to access a website!

    Anyhow, I truly hope you're doing better & are in a state where they won't make you feel like a criminal just for trying to get help, if part ofthat help includes meds... I'm in the country's worst state for any pain &/or mental health patient, so because I have chronic pain that was very much made worse from all the physical injuries, the severe ongoing stress/anxiety...which I had NO CLUE until I started going thru all of my severe stress, how much it ramped up EVERY SINGLE pain symptom I was a huge smack in the face for me because I don't have any history of stress or anxiety prior. I've always been a very laid back go w/the flow type. The stress & anxiety from all of the ongoing mental, emotional & physical abuse combined was far worse than the physical injuries alone...I had no clue how much worse my already high chronic pain symptoms could get until this happened!

    Having chronic anxiety attacks now, PTSD, still having to live w/the effects of what was done to me, it has all been a completed trip! Like a horrid nightmare that never ends blended w/chronic anxiety, pain & every bad feeling you could ever imagine all rolled into 1.

    I hope that you are able to get all the help & support you need! It's so important.. Because of my situation which changed my life to a polar opposite of what it's always been, I've had to go onto state health insurance which has made even getting access to a psychologist impossible! All they give you access to is councilors which is fine if they have the education &/or work background history to be able to help you w/all areas of abuse, major life changes, major life losses & ongoing issues combined. I've spent over 3 mos w/3 diff counsilors to literally have them not say or help me in any way, which made everything worse. It's like they literally have no clue what to say because they were either very new just out of school &/or didn't have any experience in dealing w/every possible major crisis at the same time. I've repeatedly asked for a referral to a psychologist but w/state insurance they don't give you that option. Unless I can pay out of pocket which clearly can't happen or I would be back on regular health insurance! It's made things worse for me, not having access to proper help. The labeling that goes on in my state has added a whole addition layer of fear to everything...sometimes I can't believe the times we live in...
    I hope you have a good support system from every angle & can get help w/every piece of the puzzle!

    I wish you the very best. I know how scary the whole process is. If you ever need an ear, someone to talk to or just listen, please don't hesitate to reach out! Feel free to PM me any time!
    There's so many good people here too that are very helpful w/so much. I'd be lost w/o this place & all the good people here!

    Big hugs & stay safe! I'm so glad your out, into the moving forward phase...
    Take care,
    Helpful Mrs Parker, songsiren Rated helpful

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