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I don't think a lot of people really "get it" when it comes to chronic pain. It's not just the pain that hurts. The pain also creates bad feelings that hurt. And sometimes, I just don't know how to crawl out of that dark space and find something brighter.

Thanks for letting me vent. And I'm sorry if it's too soon to post a new depression thread. I just figured if it had been almost two years since the last one, then maybe it would be okay. Maybe other people understand, too, even if my words are all over the place tonight. I'm just feeling really down.
@tehloserprince You just hit the #1 key problem in this country (US)

Chronic Pain. No one really knows what it is like except other chronic pain sufferers.
Ordinary people have absolutely no concept what it's like to live with chronic pain and
also what we have to do just to get some decent quality medical care.
Even some family members do not understand what we are going through. Everyone knows
what pain is like, but not like this: every second, every minute, every hour, every day,
every week, every month, every year. And also when you move, like when you bend over, when
you have chronic lower back pain.

What we need is some national public media campaign on what it's like to live everyday in pain.
Why don't the TV media do some national TV shows on chronic pain. All the public knows is the
bad news about pain killers. Does anybody ever look to see what is on the other side of the coin. No.

One example of pain killers bad news.

In the Dec 31, 2014 of my local newspaper, there was a front page article "Grandma Charged in Death".

Google Police: Woman kills granddaughter by giving her

When I saw this in the newspaper, I just thought, "Great, another nail in the coffin of the one pill that
works great for my pain". It's really sad to see these kind of stories that give the general public
negative views of PK's. What was this woman thinking of. How can a sick 4 year old girl get ahold of

Another bad news story I just found.


Why, Oh, Why, do people mix alcohol with pills, and then gulp down pills like it's aspirin.
Once again, another nail in the coffin of PK's.
The way they said "terminally-ill man's super-strength painkillers". You see this and it makes it sound
like he used super super strong strong PK's. I mean it's really just o~x~y right. Why didn't he just take
one pill? It's looks like he was using the liquid form and did not measure out a dose and just gulped the
liquid down.

Where is our story???