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Thread: Golden Rules of "How to get Rid of from Tramadol".

  1. Default Golden Rules of "How to get Rid of from Tramadol".

    Everyone carry own experience regrading tramadol and his use.
    I read a lot of stories about using tramadol over 1 year now on this forum.I see some use even 20 years which is quite long.
    I must admit that I was tramadol junky and trough this my own experience I want to help [Idk to qualify as help,let say advise] what worked at me to get rid from Tramadol.
    I still use sometime for my pain but not often and to long as I was used before.
    Some one will say maybe 4 years is not long period but for me as young person[I consider me as young 37 years old] raise a lot of questions regrading withdrawal symptoms of tramadol.
    I had 6 major attack and get barely my head a live.
    I had heart attack before 2 years also.

    So I put hat off my head for such forums existence.

    I wanted this to share with you my friends that to get rid from tramadol there is 2 golden rules:
    -always go slow with decreasing dosage of tramadol.
    -how much time you use it tramadol,that is the exact time to get rid from tramadol.

    Hope this will help a lot.

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    Golden Rules of "How to get Rid of from Tramadol".
  3. I've tried again and again to get off of tramadol. To me the best thing to do is just to try and keep your mind off it. I find a movie marathon helps greatly (Doctor Who is good for this due to how feel-good and optimistic it is).

    The thing that always screws me up is when something stressful comes up that I have no control over and suddenly I just can deal without a dose. Like earlier this year I started trying to get off with my folks' help then VERY NEXT DAY they announce visit from my niece and nephew (both preteens) and I'm like "you jerks, you think I can deal with six-year-olds while suffering withdrawals?"
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  4. @onlyareader I could increase the checklist of some kind of rules.I wanted to be clear.
    In your case as is mine worked 2 things also.
    Must be out from stress,go in some mountain trip at least 2-3 weeks and always up to you have the person which most trust and live with it.
    Repeat this few times.
    Mental status to not giving up is to have trustworthy persona who will also be with you in hard moments when you will think to get again tramadol.
    Tramadol dependence is not something you can easy manage.
    Hope i was from some help.
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    I agree that tapering is key - especially to prevent seizures. The problem is that it requires so much discipline. I agree with previous poster that when stress hits, trams seems to help.

    Tram is a strange drug. I think it could be useful for people with depression/anxiety - I know it's currently being studied to treat both.

    For those who are on it long term, there's usually a valid reason. It helps pain or it makes life worthwhile. No one (for me at least) thinks I'm "on drugs" as tram doesn't make me feel completely "high". There used to be days where I would think of suicide. With tram, I don't. For me, it's worth it.
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  6. Same feelings here, ethom. A few days ago I went without tramadol and was just miserable, and what always gets me is that I feel like I'm suffering for no real reason. That's what makes it hard to quit--just the sheer pointlessness.
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    It was hard for me also. I have no real answer but to say it will get better with time. Hang in there. I feel so much better off of that stuff.
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  8. Really about the only good thing about tramadol withdrawals... any movie you like is suddenly 100x better. Like a movie you kinda-sorta enjoy will suddenly be driving you to tears of joy.
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    I'm a very experienced ex-tramadol user. I was on Trams for about 8 months and used doses around the maximum dosage, sometimes 50mg or so over. It was very effective for pain relief.

    Eventually as tolerance increased I had to rise doses to around 100mg over Maximum daily use. Nothing to crazy. Luckily never had a seizure, although with larger doses it's somewhat common.

    One day I decided to take my usual dose I believe it was the Maximum allowable amount before seizures become a bigger risk. Could of been 1 tramadol over, but believe it was 4.

    What proceeded to happen was I tossed soon after, no big deal, happened quite a bit with trams. Well kinda felt a little off that day, nothing major. Then upon waking the next day was going through an absolutely terrible reaction, what I believe to be Serotonin Syndrome. SS is very very serious if it's happening. It's proven already medically that Tramadol alone can induce Serotonin Syndrome in even lower doses than Maximum Allowable.

    For a couple good days I wasn't sure I was going to make it. It was very scary and full body contractions were happening all day, bad hot sweats, all classic symptoms of SS. After about 4 days I was feeling better, by about a month I was feeling almost back to normal. I flushed all my Trams after and was so so happy I did. In my opinion they are a terrible drug. I understand they help many people, including people I know, but the chemical make up of the drug to me, is not a good one. An effective one, yes, very. At regular small doses less than 150mg I believe it's pretty safe for most people, but I still will never recommend it.

    A friend of mine had taken only 2 50mg pills, and about 3 hours later, had fallen off his bar stool and had what probably was a seizure. This was someone who I had personally seen handle 600mg of Tramadol in one night.

    The best way, in my experience is just being done with them. You are going to absolutely go through it, it's really hell. But when you are through the thorn patches, a bright new world emerges.

    Courage and Blessings to anyone wanting to get off this SNRI Synthetic Opiate.
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  10. I have said this before:

    Tramadol caused me to retain urine. It is a common side effect. It was egregious so I was taken to the ER and I spent 3 weeks in the hospital on DIALYSIS. I looked like a blimp I retained so much urine. LUCKILY I recovered from that. That was four years ago.

    Then three years ago a had a stroke. I had just turned 50, taught fitness, took dance classes. But I am a Chronic Migraine sufferer. My guess is the SS from Tramadol caused by the many Triptans I took for my migraines PLUS I had smoked e-cigs for two years led me to develop two clots in my brain. Once again, luckily I recovered.

    There are many people who take Tramadol and it works for them - I have no judgement. But for me it was a horrible drug, that caused me to stop feeling, didn’t enjoy sex, took my appetite away (at one point I was 5.4 105 LBS now I am 120 LBS).
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    I've been on Tramadol for about 17 years. Once and a while at first and then 3 a day, more and it has gone up and down. I tried to quit a few times. I've been prescribed it and could go get a script for it but I then have to go through all that drug testing and contract signing and regular doc visits.
    I don't get high I just keep the pain in check. I am concerned about my up coming double knee surgery. Both knees are now going to get new parts. I might have to go get that stupid script after all because I don't want to lie to much to the surgeon. The surgery won't mend all my chronic pain though. It's kind of everywhere.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh, I forgot to mention that when I lost my husband of 31 years it did help me get through it. It does help with depression and it is better then some antidepressants.
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    " A few days ago I went without tramadol and was just miserable, and what always gets me is that I feel like I'm suffering for no real reason. That's what makes it hard to quit--just the sheer pointlessness. "

    This was a perfect statement. I so agree. I don't feel "sick" when I take a day or two off, I just feel miserable and sad. And you're correct, what the point of feeling this way? I never take tram after 10am as it will affect my sleep. But the morning dose seems to take me through the whole day.

    I have stopped for several days and didn't experience the withdrawal that many people discuss on these boards. But I felt beyond sad. And that's how I felt before I started the drug. For me, it seems that the risk of taking tram is worth it. It's such a battle.
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  13. So another story to share. A few days back I had gallbladder removal surgery. Now at this hospital I had been on tram, but they took me off it largely because they thought I was just an addict looking for a high (they didn't say so, but when I looked over the files that was the impression I got).

    I actually managed to go tram-free for three days without meaning to or even consciously thinking about it. On the first day pains began which, among other issues, caused me to vomit any medicine I tried to take, including tram. So I couldn't take it even if I wanted to. Then for two or three days I was at the hospital. They didn't give me a new tram script but instead hydro/apap, both during my stay and when I was discharged.... I apparently recovered fast, though maybe they were just saying that to motivate me.

    Anyway, here's the thing... when I got home I at first thought of avoiding my trams and sticking only with the meds the doc prescribed. And I did, for awhile. But then I realized some symptoms I had--restlessness, constantly getting up and walking around because everything bored me, etc.--were similar to issues I have during tram withdrawals. As an experiment, I decided to take a tram instead of a hydro.

    I felt better almost instantly. The psychological symptoms were gone, and even the surgical pains themselves seemed to be relieved much better. This probably means I've formed a psychosomatic attachment to the trams, and whether that's good or bad, I don't know.

    I was going to say this is why tram should be OTC but, now that I've typed this, I've realized this could easily all come off as an argument for the opposite. I don't know. What do you guys think?

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    Most of the profession refuses to acknowledge what so many of us here discovered by accident: for some people, tram works for depression in cases sometimes where nothing else can touch it. They should be allowed to prescribe it for that regardless of the opioid stigma. Yeah, we will become dependent on it, but same goes for most of the rest they use now, and tram is cheaper and has (for me, at least) fewer side-effects. Whatever risks it does have, I will take in exchange for being normal. Before it, was close to giving up on life a few times anyways, not sure I would have lasted this long, so even if they do me in at some point they still probably bought me time, good time too.
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  15. What dosage is everyone taking and how much are you taking to taper?

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    I take between 150mg and 250mg daily. I just hate the idea of taking this drug. I have to hide it and that in itself causing me so much anxiety. I tend to have nightmares about drug dealing. I have labeled myself as a horrible person for taking it so try to decrease my dose on some days. But then I struggle with the "but I am such a better person on this drug".

    I truly believe if I saw a doctor and he told me to take 200mg of tram daily for depression, I would be completely fine with taking it. It's the whole buying illegally, etc that gets me.
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by ethom View Post
    I truly believe if I saw a doctor and he told me to take 200mg of tram daily for depression, I would be completely fine with taking it. It's the whole buying illegally, etc that gets me.
    It's the same here, although in my case I find it more just irritating that I have to dance around the topic and keep it a secret and, after a recent scare, even lie to people about whether I'm on it or not. I just wish I could openly state that I do tram and not have to worry about people's reactions or possible legal shenanigans, and I wish I could just go to walgreens and buy a new bottle whenever I run out instead of having to play these cat and mouse games. Just.... what is wrong with our country that something that helps people is made illegal? What's next, banning hot chocolate?
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    I am the same too, I feel no guilt over self-medicating as I am harming nobody and it allows me to be a productive member of society, but anxiety over the legal part is very annoying, knowing the system views me as a criminal for it. I worry less about what people close to me think as they're mostly nonjudgmental and know a few are doing similar, but it would still destroy my life in my community if I got busted for it. And it happens regularly, check the legal forum, I shared a link about a guy just busted for one tramadol pill.
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    I will check out your link - this week, I cut down to 150mg daily and it worked just fine. To all you tram users, do you ever "crave" the drug? I never "crave" it the way I crave sugar. I just know it makes me feel better.

    I also am a pill counter - I stockpile these pills so I have enough for 1 year out. Gosh, if a cop came into my home, he'd think I was a dealer. Nope...just an anxiety ridden person.
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    Ditto, I don't crave it the way I crave foods, but know when it is wearing off and withdrawal setting in that I will need it to feel better. And I am always counting too, the idea of suddenly running out is pretty terrifying!

  21. I've had... I'm not sure they're cravings, but I know when I used to taper I would do this thing where I would say "I'll go without for six hours (starting from when the dose wears off)" and what always happens is I find ways to waste time and become an obsessive clock-watcher, and then when the six hours are up it feels like a relief.

    I also learned to hate what I call "crunch periods," where my supply is running low. On those periods I always have to lower my dose but it makes me feel compelled to take a higher dose instead--like I know I should take 50mg but it would feel just SO GOOD to take 150mg, if you understand me.

    There was one month-long period where I thought I had truly given them up, and I think after a few days I stopped looking for more pills (this was before I learned about IOPs) but I remember there was a melancholy feeling to each day, like I somehow knew I was operating under a handicap.
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  22. Golden Rules of "How to get Rid of from Tramadol".
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