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Thread: FDA cracking down on Kratom!

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    I saw an article a couple days ago (NBC I think) that the DEA now considers Kratom an opiate, and has seen it as a "contributing factor" in several dozen deaths. Hog wash, of course, but it's a bad omen for those hoping it will continue as unscheduled. My guess is that within a year they'll announce it's being scheduled - schedule I. If they can make MJ and Khat schedule 1, why not Kratom. Hope I'm wrong, even though I don't use the stuff.
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    FDA cracking down on Kratom!
  3. i don't use it either but it looks like its days are numbered. plenty of people are stocking up against an eventual schedule change to schedule 1. for yet another plant. i think i read that big pharma has a pill version of kratom set to go, which is an amazing coincidence. i believe those deaths they reference, @Stevo2, were all multi-drug ods, but they ignore that fact. the fda has recommended rescheduling, which the dea is now considering. since this means more people to lock up, i'm sure the dea will go with rescheduling. those for profit prisons are losing money in legal mj states and profits come first. this is what happens when you run a government like a business.
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  4. FDA cracking down on Kratom!
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