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    I recently started drinking Kombucha and now I am brewing my own. I have found this drink to be extremely helpful in many ways. I can't even describe it you need to try it. I drink GT's but have tried several brands and like this one best so far.

    It has a taste to become accustomed to, however it makes me feel really good. It does contain trace amount of natural grain alcohol from the fermenting process but you don't need to even be 18 or 21 to buy it. I found the amount of natural grain alcohol to be almost non existent. The other benefits are amazing and I also have to state it isn't cheap to buy by the bottle. The cheapest place I have found GT's is Walmart for $2.97 a bottle. I drink two per day but now I am starting to brew my own.

    Anyone else have any experiences with Kombucha? Again pharmaceutical companies have no profit here so don't look for a lot of studies. I should say skewed studies.

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