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Thread: To VPN or not to VPN that is the question

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    VPNs are easy to set up these days and can (1) add to anonymity (but not make you 100% anonymous) and (2) allow you to circumvent certain country-specific Internet restrictions.

    "It can't hurt..."
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    I love Nord. It has a kill switch and even has a Tor Over VPN option. Not that I need it, I don't partake in any any hardcore Dark Market stuff. Nice to know it's available though. Last time I used Tor without a proper VPN, I got some very creepy phone calls. After using Nord, it all stopped. Like anything else, you get what you pay for and Nord is far from being a low tier VPN.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm by no means an expert. Just sharing my experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hymee View Post
    If you are referring to CrapCleaner (CClean) it was hacked about two years ago when it was sold .. usually the case
    try bleachbit
    CC CleanER ?

    also i heard nord was a good one tho i'm seeing a paid version when its rated, not free. same?
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  4. A VPN is just an all around good idea for majority of your internet use these days. Now, that we know NSA is monitoring us, and our ISP's can sell our data I recommended using one whenever possible, especially if you are using internet somewhere public. They are not 100% secure however, so don't think they are the only security step needed to be taken.
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    I purchased a lifetime subscription from 9to5toys, good for I think 5 devices for about $50. Here is a link for the deals they have on right now, good range of prices and features for every budget hxxps:// Was using PIA before, with yearly fees, now no more fees and faster servers.

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    I try to be as discreet as possible so for most things like coming here, going to certain sites, etc. I use a vpn and tor!

    I don't use anything if I am just doing my day to day "clean", browsing amazon, checking regular email, I don't bother.
    I do have a lot of add-ons for ad blockers, etc. on Firefox.

    Because I am kind of ocd about all of this, I use one laptop for coming here, and those other places, and I have another one that is my "clean" notebook.

    Privacy is important to me. I am not an expert and have taught myself about all of this, and I am sure there are settings that could be tweaked. I just don't have a "person" to check my settings. I keep this part of my life to myself.

    I have 4 back surgeries in my future, 2 are fairly major, 2 are bandaids as they cannot do the 2 major ones too close together. ugh it is complicated and I HATE chronic pain and I do hurt all the time and no doc will rx anything but gabapentin and flexoril.

    Sadly I also have Ulcerative Colitis, which can be VERY painful, so between that and the back...not loving life these days
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  7. There is a new browser called Brave that does not track you. I realize it’s nothing like the kind of anonymity being talked about with VPNs but maybe has it’s uses.

    Recently I’ve been reading some of the privacy policies on some of my mobile apps only to find that many of them explicitly state that they ignore do not track requests. So it’s not only browsers apparently that are watching. Many other apps do too. Yelp was named as one of the worst offenders.
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  8. I've used NordVPN for years, and it has always been reliable for me. It may be more expensive on a month-to-month basis, but they offer a deep discount if you purchase it for 1, 2, or 3 years.

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    Can you use VPN on this site? I have avpn to to watch Hulu/

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    @Farley yes, you can use a vpn here, and/or tor.
    @PaisleyDaisy - I will check out Brave...thank you!

    What drives me crazy is when I am doing just regular things on my "clean" computer, sometimes I go into "private browsing" - for whatever reason. And then on the top of their page they say they use cookies for one reason or another.

    I wish I could tell them - hey I went into private browsing so I don't collect a zillion cookies.

    That really bothers me - they are ignoring basic browsing etiquette. Well most of the time when I see that I just move on to another site, even if that one looked interesting. Because they are not "playing fair".

    OK rant over....that felt good LOL!
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