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Thread: Medical Advice (including covid19)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romanov View Post
    I’m by no means a conspiracy theorist, I’ve seen it all in Russia. But I’ve now Ben sequestered to 5 UK hospitals that I won’t name, whose covid19 wards arnt even 1/5 full. Somthing isn’t adding up. Medics must start reporting, anonymously if that’s what it takes

    I’ve followed this thread you started periodically the last week or so. I think that’s great having an M.D. on the forum for anyone who may have questions about COVID-19 or otherwise.
    I’m curious about your latest entry, the one I’ve quoted in my reply. Can you expand on your personal views of what you’re saying you are witnessing in the hospitals there? If I follow correctly, what you’re saying you personally see working there in the hospitals, is not what is being broadcast out by the media?

    I know this virus is one that is deadly. For a while now I’ve kinda thought this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. I mean, 50k to 70k die each year alone from Influenza A, and never have we had this type of reaction to a viral disease.
    But, it does wreak havoc on those who are immuno compromised, which I fall into that category myself. Having an RN as a wife, and another in-law who is general practitioner (M.D.) I also get some thoughts on what they are seeing.
    I’ve come to take it more seriously the last few weeks as the cases in the US start to climb and spread throughout our country. I really don’t want to have to deal with this if I were to contract this virus.
    From what I understand, those who have underlying conditions, or are on say immunosuppressants, it can be and is deadly for many of them, not counting the geriatric cases.
    Seems like the killer part of this virus is how harsh it is on destroying your lungs once you get, or if you get pneumonia, and from there quite possibly sepsis and then your chances for survival becomes close to zero. So, best to practice safety guidelines.

    But back to your latest post, I’m curious on your thoughts and observations. I’ve heard the same from my in-law whose brother is also an Emergency Room Doc in the North East US, and he says the extreme cases they’ve seen don’t amount to what gets put out by the media.
    Even this week, CBS I think it was, got caught using pre-recorded video from a hospital in Italy, and had to make a correction saying such. I’ve heard a few more stories like that from my in-law. Like they couldn’t find an over run hospital to shoot video, so they just “borrow” video from across the pond.
    Again, not saying anything other than what we’ve all seen, or witnessed, or worse yet, lost someone you know or are related to.
    And then again, we are bombarded daily with new stories on how overrun the medical staff is, and the massive shortages on PPE’s etc. so what are we to believe? All the best Romanov, and thanks again.

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    Hi @Doc Rogue I’ve been to 3 hospitals in London and another 2 in the North of the country. None r overwhelmed, some r short staffed yes, due to Medics having to self isolate for 7 day’s. As I said I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I did live in the USSR most of my life. I believe China covered this up at an early stage, the 2 whistleblower doctors from China, one died of COVID19 although his records were never released and the other woman is missing... make of that what u will. Now make no mistake, this is a nasty virus, if u have underlying respiratory system conditions. And prognosis is not great for these people. For everyone else, it’s appears as a mild flu. Spain and Italy have had a hard time because of ageing populations, smoking, and methods of living. Possibly the best method to compete with this virus would have been to cacoon, the very old and the already ill. And let the rest of the economy work around them, picking up a herd immunity as they did. Sadly the genie is out the bottle there. But from what I see on the ground is nowhere Is overwhelmed.

    Play stay safe

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