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    Hi all,

    Not really sure where to post this question, and if I'm in the wrong forum I apologize. In my introduction a couple of days ago, I explained my predicament which I would hazard is very close to most people that come to the Board. It's such a slippery slope in today's climate and so very frustrating on knowing where to turn or who to trust. Tbh, I had thought I wouldn't need to find myself searching for a OP or IOP to try and meet the needs of my pain issues.

    It sickens me that this country is scaring Dr's and Medical Facilities to fail their patients over a new drug war (prescription) that is taking lives of countless individuals all because people are seeking the quality of life that they deserve. Instead, they end up dead of an OD from some alley chemist who is putting fentanyl into opiates; which in turn gives the DEA the firepower they need to come along and threaten medical professionals to stop prescribing, or lose your license. Of course, it's the same song and dance that started with the war on drugs in the 1990s. Difference is that war was going after the Cocaine/Marijauna/LSD, etc and they left the normal working class citizens to be treated for their pain.

    I wish I could go back to the late 1990's and early 2000's when you simply logged on to a computer and ordered what you needed. The only watchdog was the various posting forums that reflected the experience of trying an OP (pay for your meds via COD) and away we went. Nobody had even heard of Fentanyl then. The powers that be have hard heads and fail to understand that people will do what they want to treat their pain and having big brother looking over our shoulder just makes everyone better criminals (in the eyes of the law). They have driven normal, hard working people to find their pain relief in the murky parts of the internet or thru overseas pharms where quality control is suspect or non existent. Have they stopped what they have been trying to prevent? No. The pendulum has swung so far the other way it's ludicrous. It's the Fentanyl that has given the DEA their ammo and all they have done is encouraged good people to break the law.

    I'm very confused. I have been reading various posts from contributors here and from what I can gather the true shangri-la is the Senior Members Section? I get it and completely understand the need to protect the valuable services of what appears to be only a few reliable sites. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry. But, here's the thing. The only way I can contribute to the board is by "researching" various websites, or making a practice buy to see if the source is reliable. This could get quite expensive and could lead darker things.

    For instance, I thought I did my due diligence by canvassing and "reading between the lines" to come up with a source that goes by ******** and appears to be a email service that uses BTC or PAYPAL. I received a "shopping list" and was quite taken back by the exorbitant prices, but I was in the process of ordering a package when I decided to investigate the source a little more. Unfortunately, I can't gather whether this source is safe or reliable as the con job can be long. Frankly I'm hesitant to send (sum of a vehicle down payment) only to find out I was swindled. I have no real way of knowing whether the source is legit. From what I could find, the source is based in NY but when I went to sent a PayPal via Gmail, I received a currency conversion for a "Country" I didn't recognize.

    At this point, I will do what I can to contribute any information or success of possible legit services. Unfortunately, it looks like I need to learn the BTC market or Manero currency platforms because I would rather lose my money to a source off the Deep Web than throw money at some of these random sites that show up on the surface web by search using DuckDuckGO. I will be happy to pass along anything I find. It just doesn't make much sense to throw money away on a source that is squatting on the surface web while making no effort to hide what they are shopping. I'm astounded at all the negative experiences I read, and wonder how much money is being trashed when the money is sent yet never a return receipt.

    Again, I'm very sorry if I have crossed any lines. Some of the posting rules for this board are quite old. Some of the "rules" were established in 2010-2012 and I don't know for sure if they are still the norm. Its gets a bit confusing when I open one thread and its talking about 60 posts and meeting a requirement of quality of post; then a new thread talks about needing to be a contributor for a month. Some of the "rules" to gain Senior status state that you must contribute by providing the forum material regarding positive experiences but in the next vein it states to not list the actual site or specifics? It is a little confusing.

    I hope everyone is well. Thanks for listening....

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    @trailjunkie People usually post in the off topic areas or on the personal experience threads, or music threads. There is plenty of conversation. If you have something to add, or a question on a vendors thread, then post it.

    You can Greet other new members. Once you can 'like' or 'helpful' other members post, be sure and do it. People will remember to 'like' your posts too, and that's how you get the reputation points that you need to get to the senior section. They are free to give.

    I think that vendor you were talking about has a good reputation. That business is a little different. If you have a question about a vendor that is sensitive, or you don't want to post in the thread, you can try to pm someone who is around, or has used that vendor recently. It's an option once you have a few posts under your belt.

    Paying is hard, and sometimes a major obstacle. BTC is easy enough once you go through the steps to set it up, and better then not being able to pay.

    Were you talking about searching around the open web and trying out vendors from google searches? Yikes! You have to check them out first because anything that has the big candy shop in the window is a scam, with a possible few exceptions.

    If I see a vendor here, with a history of good feedback, I can trust they are ok. Sure, any source can go bad at any time, but I trust my fellow PR'ers to give honest feedback. I haven't been scammed since I was a Junior member, and even that wasn't so bad.

    Good Luck with whatever you choose to do.
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  3. A few years ago I stumbled on a legit vendor or two by sheer luck. I think you'll be able to find enough straight up advice just in the regular forums here to help you search. Its definitely a tougher game during the virus to find safe and legit ops. I recently had a freak out and went off the radar for a us to us vendor out of desperation. I'm darn lucky I didnt hurt myself in the end. Good luck hunting out there but please be careful.
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