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Thread: My Hair Loss Life.....

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    Default My Hair Loss Life.....

    I know this isnt exactly a message about a specific pill or how it worked... nor is it about a generic drug bought on an OP, although there will be both in the story. I am writing this because in many of the threads here, the topic of rogaine.....propecia....proscar...shampoos... and hair transplants have all come up. I am a 34 year old Canadian male that has a family history of both sides losing significant amount of hair and in some cases a very high degree of "Bald".

    I knew that I wanted to end that family trait anyway that I could... Fortunately for me... I have income that allowed me to have surgery. I never saw much loss on the crown other than light thinning...... My temples were where the big problem was and slight receding of the hair line. I knew that the temples and hairline were impossible to treat and that surgery was the only way.

    About two years before the surgery, I started generic propecia that I got from an OP (randomly found one and was lucky to get the package). I also started branded rogaine at the sametime as I am the type to go all out rather than halfass. I noticed that they worked...... The crown was looking better. After many attempts to try to get another supply from an OP, I decided to just bite the bullet and get proscar (from a pharmacy). I quartered the pills and got some value from that. I would assume... and this is by the smallest difference..... the generic propecia 1mg was the best... easiest and cheapest. Generic Propecia 1mg wins..... along with rogaine....,,,,......

    About the rogaine.... I dont know how to put it other than it seems as though I get the best results with the branded one..... I used the kirkland (Costco) brand and it just didnt seem to work as well.... Branded Rogaine for the win!

    Now the surgery.... I wont want to drag this one out other than to say that I had moderate to severe loss in the temples and on the hairline itself. I did a lot of research on a similar type of forum and found a surgeon in Ottawa that was highly regarded as a leader in the type of transplant I wanted. The type was FUE ... this type is essentially undetectable and twice the price ultimately. The FUE procedure is when they systematically remove follicle by follicle from the back of the head and implant them into the desired place. Not much of a transplant, more of a hair relocation procedure. The other type of surgery is the one that most are familiar with that leaves a big scar on the back of your head... This is known as FUT or strip surgery.... Where they cut a big strip out the back of your head and extract the hairs from it... then implant. Very invasive surgery in my opinion.

    The cost of FUE over FUT is double... In my case I was getting 2300grafts at 8 dollars a graft..... (FUT was 4 a graft). I know... very expensive. Please dont judge. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford this and was something I really wanted. I decided on FUE due to the fact that if the hairloss continues to what my other family members have had, I would like to have my face framed by hair and then have a shaved head.

    The surgery is a long day.... I wont lie. I was also almost all pain free. I showed up at 6am to fill out paperwork and select what I wanted for lunch and then the extractions begin. This time varies based on amount harvested. In my case about 3-3.5 hours. I wont lie.... the local anesthetic was painful when injected... moderate to high level of pain. But after that.... no bigge and was pretty boring being face down on a chair while they pluck. After that they give you lunch and prepare the grafts for implantation. Once again, anesthetic was administered and was not fun.... Implanting took about 2.5-3 hours after the incisions were done. The incisions took about an hour. All in all was painless and was out of the office by 5pm.

    I am now almost 7 months post op and couldnt be happier about my choice to have the surgery. I still have about 40% growth to come. But as it stands... the difference is shocking and noticeable. I would recommend to anyone who is depressed about their loss and can afford it. The way I see it.... many women get breast implants.... We men get hair implants My girlfriend was very supportive (she has had her breasts done and soon to get them done again).

    I have now added a shampoo to my regimen and I use lipogaine big 3. I have no idea if it is working.... I might try nizoral next and see what happens

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask me anything!

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