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Thread: Sleep inducing aide

  1. CBD or Melatonin I guess, I've heard Valerian but not sure how good it is, smells terrible imo.

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    Sleep inducing aide
  3. Not trying to shill for them, but Swanson's Sleep Essentials is a really good product at an economical price. It's a high quality (IMO) mix of herbs like valerian and hops with melatonin, taurine and GABA mixed in. (I know there's some debate on whether or not free-form GABA can cross the blood-brain barrier, but this product really helps me to sleep anyway.)
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  4. the best sleep i get is when i take phenibut that day. i never have trouble falling asleep, and am likely to sleep 7-8 hours straight without waking up, where as when i don't take it i normally wake up a few times during the night. you're not supposed to take it more than 2 times a week though

  5. Sleep inducing aide
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