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Thread: Kratom - here we go again

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    @piano if you need a couple quality online vendors, let me know. The 2 I use are A++++ in quality and price. I don't trust any "store bought " kratom
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  3. Just my two cents: I recently tried kratom for the first time to help with migraines/sleep, purchasing a few different strains from a handful of highly reputable online vendors. First time I became extremely nauseous but thought I could circumvent nausea with Dramamine, which I did successfully. Tried a few more times and was able to manage the nausea, seemed to help with sleep and with pain. Second to last time I took it (following day) I developed a band of pain in upper rib area/back area that developed to probably a 7 or 8 on scale of 10. Nothing I took relieved the discomfort, eating intensified it dramatically, and this lasted five days. I also had significant increase in blood pressure from my usual excellent blood pressure. I was actually in bed sick, which is extremely uncommon for me, even with my migraines. Thinking it might have been a virus, I decided to try again and ruled out the virus theory as, once again, the following day, I developed the same pain in ribs. Thankfully, my symptoms didn’t last as long because I was more conservative in dosage. I have read similar accounts online, and it is theorized that some do not hVe the liver enzyme to process kratom. Another theory is that because kratom powder is so fibrous it is very irritating to the digestive systems of some users. Needless to say, I will never subject myself to such misery again.
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  4. Kratom - here we go again
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