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Thread: Fake Xanax - still a problem?

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    I see fake xanax bars as people use it to party, I'm curious as to what is in them . I think I

    Posted this before, but on a night out , my friends and I noticed a girl that look wasted she was all alone and not wearing much as in you could see her undies, scummy men were trying to pick her up , so we helped her, she was not drunk as
    I have never seen anyone act like her before. When she come around , she first panicked as she was in my friends room we explained what happened and that.
    No men were left with her. She had taken xans and still had a few left they crumbled in her purse. Xans are used in the party circuit , I'm curious to know WHAT is in them . I don't see any other benzo offered at parties.

  2. Got 20 Xanax on Friday, They looked well pressed I was at least expecting some from of hit, but no. Was only meant to get 10 as a tester. £20 I spent on chalk. Was so pissed off. They said that no one else complained, Yeah right.
    I got in after walking the dog and thought "Yes this has made the weekend even better". that was short lived.
    Luckily I had received a box of Nitrazapam and 50 MST's the day before, Or I think I would have gone absolutely insane.
    One of my friends recommended this person on Instagram. Last time buying of there!!!
    In fact I'm going to go on Instagram and give them a hard time till they block me.

  3. Better get branded meds if you're buying from questionable resources. Fake pills could have dangerous side effects.

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