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Thread: do ppl make fake farmapram 2mg

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    i went to TJ and a cab driver i known for years off and on going to tj took me to a small pharma near downtown central in TJ. It was run by a few regular guys. They even gave me biz card.

    I was ripped off, i paid 200 USD for 90 2mg bottles, the first place tried to offer 250 a bottle.

    anyways, i bought from same place before but bought the purple footballs 1mg and they seemed fine.

    Lately the past few days ive been having upset stomach, however i do feel the strong effect of the 2mg, it feels great.

    Also i feel extra groggy. Im afraid it might be laced,

    I tried dipping in sprite and it did not floatt, i tested with a 1mg xanax i get from my Kaiser doctor and i also dropped the 2mg and it did not float. both times i seen the sizzle.

    what can i do to test these farmapram - or is this a generic mexican drug that they do not waste time to make fake pills? the box, bottle, hologram sticker on box seem legit.

    Sorry for rant

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    Don't apologize, this is why we are here to help each other with things like this. My advise though is to try the best you can to stay away from any kind of Mexican meds. Anytime I've ever purchased Mexican meds I have been putting down b them being very weak or just flat out Fake and worthless. Actually, there was one time my uncle brought back a bunch if Valium from his trip in Mexico and they are legit, but that was one out of about 5 or 6 times I've bought or taken from someone I know who bought then from Mexico.

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    The farmapram bars look questionable because there ar eno imprints. Ive read elsewhare theyre extended release, meaning they should have a harder core that dissolves slower.
    My guess is theyre legit. The FIA purple footballs taste like candy, no alp taste at all, but they seem legit too.

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    @Kon1er1986 and @opiatesandchopin :
    My experience with both IOP's in MX, since 2001, with former MedsMex dot com (Cozumel) was the inventory was huge
    but had NO controlled substances, from my steady orders from 2001 until around 2009. The products mostly anti-
    depressants, and some dermatology products, were 100% legit, as I had a USA MD from both MD practices, offer me
    Prednisone (Meticorten by Schering-Plough) was way off, as I also had a USA MD (a dermatologist) who prescribed me
    USA Prednisone, in year 2009, and the USA product worked like it should. BUT the blistered pack complete with the
    multiple blisters /insert/ and clearly the bin # eight alpha numbers & two numeral numbers + expire date. (Even the
    embossed $$ either in pesos or US dollars, the pills "all they did for me was make me sick, with many side effects) !
    This was 8 years later in year 2009. Expire date was 01 June 2011 !
    I had even ordered two boxes of these blister packs as always (from my very 1st order) in 2001, each with 30 Tabletas
    per box, and the 2nd box also worked excellent!! (Meticorten 5 mg of Prednisona X 30 tabletas) what did I do?
    I never re-ordered again from this pharmacia, again. (it was not a easy decision, as I had so much success from
    many orders from Medicine Mexico, from Inderal tabs (Inderalici) to Elocon, Abilify, Seroquel,(Quetiapina) 25 mg mfg AMIIF, Propecia (Propeshia) mfg by MSD as finasterida), especially with Propecia (Propeshia) & Inderal (Inderalici) mfg
    as Propranolol again by AMIF & ABBOTT (Benito Juarez)......

    I soon found out also on a harm reduction forum, of suddenly many complaints, of very poor quality of nearly all items
    from MedsMex dot com (who always shipped with a CN22) and I had NEVER received a LL or any non shipment of any
    product for the previous eight years ! (maybe a good thing maybe never lasts forever) as many here on PR already know !! the rumors were they had a management change, new owners, who were scam artists, and MedsMex did not
    last very long & was shut down voluntarily, by 2011, or 2012. (another reason we need a forum like PR) !!

    Example #2 ( one shot deal) in the year 2008, or 2009 (I ordered for my very first time a controlled substance, 50 x
    10 mg of R***he V**ium & the box looked very professional (even with the big X and profile of the expectant mother,
    and, the embossment of the blue round pills in blister packs look real, & came to me very fast, by a well known "special delivery service", but everyone of these V*ls were duds, like I could taking one 10 mg comprimido (on a empty stomach) I felt no results, (for caution) then I took 4x 10 mg of the comprimidos at the same time, and I still felt no
    relief at all from my anxiety, (then I knew I was taking a placebo, or who knows, drywall ? Never ordered again!

    Within 6 months of this "event" , it was published all over the worldwide Internet, and especially on former DB dot com
    that, Medicine Gallery was busted by a joint effort by the MX police, & the USA DEA with arrests in MX, but mostly in
    the USA from California to Utah, for a dozen + people, and the official data on deadiversion dot gov stated the pharmacia had been under survelance, sp?, for nearly one full year and agents posing as customers had many orders
    given a GC/MS test and results were consistent with all items with either too many impurities or were very LOW dosed with the advertised ingredient. Hint: the governments ONLY were interested in arresting all of the owners & close associates & NOT any victims, or NOT any customers.

    My F2F experience in MX (2012, to SJS and in (2014 + 2016) was in PVR with always a F2F M.D. and my results were
    100% the real product, as requested, (R**he V's) & R**che Riv***il & Sanofi S***nox were also 100% the real thing, the R V**ium was mfg in Toluca MX, and the box of #90 x 10 mg came in
    BUT, I caution everyone from my experience ( a very expensive experience at that) is that IMHO only about 1 out of ten pharmacias in MX have the real product, especially in SJS/Los Cabos/ PVR (Puerto Vallarta) & Cozumel & Cancun !
    IMHO the tourist resorts are high risk, especially without a MX prescription, & border towns, INTERIOR MEX may be very different, IDK.

    The real Vals came in a wide taped box sealed tightly with R**che tape and with Multiple holiograms on each blister and clear taped box !!
    I am getting off subject sorry, I forget most members use Smartphones & not a 14 inch PC. The point IMO I try to make if a tourist in MX "Always use (in today's world) a licensed Medical Doctor with a prescription and the MX MD knows which Pharmacia to trust !
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