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Thread: Curious about a fake med

  1. Default Curious about a fake med

    I bought some Alko-1.

    It tasts chalkyn and took more than recommended. Taskes fake
    How can you manufacture fake pills when the package looks real.
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    Yes, scam artists now have thechnique of blister packing med's down to a science. Usually, though, there is a give-away on the blister pack that proves it's fake, like the name of a cmopany that doesn't manufacture or sell that particular med, or mis-spellings.

    So, if your med's came blister packed and they originated from the Big I, I'd say, yes, you bought chalk.

    Please be sure to name the vendor on here, so no one else gets taken.
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  3. Started happening with stuff originating from the Big I, about a year or so ago. Mostly Zolps. Perfect blister packs, but looking up the brand, they didn't make that particular med. There's a site where they test stuff, and they have pictures of everything they text. The Zs were 100% some heavy duty antihistamine. Got me sick. One time they were chalk, no effect. And those were in a big name brand blister.

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    Pretty much everything is possible now lol. There are so many products that are produced and packaged that are fake. It's always the risk you take buying blind.
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