Hi Everyone,

This may sound super naive, but I wasted 20, YES 20 Fent strips because I dipped them the wrong way into the solution. Make sure you dip the right way

About 3 years ago I ordered pills from an online pharmacy. They sent me a bottle of pills that looked dirty, and just off. I tried half of one, and got real sleepy. I called the pharmacy and they assured me that things were in my head. For reference, these were 5-325 Norco (supposedly). Anyway, I never took one again.

Recently, I’ve been in a lot of pain due to running after my toddler, so I found the pills and got the Fent kit out that I had ordered a few days prior, and dropped a couple into water and started testing. Strip after strip after strip came back with no lines. I YouTubed a video and everything! Finally one strip worked. Turns out I was dipping them upside down. Anyway, I’m glad I had tested bc I only had 1 left and sure enough it was positive for Fentanyl.

So its imperative that you test your pills!