When I received my fake tram it was in a white bottle w/ the tram label half on/half off-like barely even glued & not the right size & falling off lol With tram u can taste this real bitter taste when placed on ur tongue. It’s very distinctive. So when I got this bottle I tried it & it tasted like nothing. Luckily I had a couple more at that point & didn’t run out for couple weeks. But like an idiot I took about half the pill hoping it was real & maybe this batch was just made w/ something diff lol. Plus I’d bought from this guy for over a year in us & never a single prob. I felt so anxious/shaky all day after taking. Not sure if it was in my head or what they gave me-but it’s so scary of a gamble.. My guy said he was sorry that it was a new shipper & he’d make it up after things calm down. It’s very scary tho when pills are not marked & u don’t know what ur taking