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Thread: Drug test for new coverage?

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    Default Drug test for new coverage?

    Located in the states here and never had any health coverage. I will have some in about 6 months. My question is, do health insurance companies perform an initial check up such as blood work/urine test etc? If it helps any my coverage will be through a large well known company based through a hospital. I may just cut out everything until I get my coverage to play it safe. I have been clean for 3 months now so might as well keep on trucking. I do miss taking a muscle relaxer here and there after beating my body up. I am well aware of the lengthy half life of those pills. I am also self employed and won't have to go through workers comp for an accident, so if anything does happen I won't have to worry about them. But if I do get injured down the road do health insurance companies check for drugs in your system?

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    @Maximus I've never had to get an initial check up just to get (or qualify for) health insurance coverage here in the U.S. Moreover, since health insurance companies are currently required to cover pre-existing conditions (unless it's repealed) I don't think they would require one. However, when you get insurance coverage and go to your primary care physician, he or she may want you to get blood work/urine tests as part of a physical.
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    I can speak for life insurance from Work. I am 55 and just switched jobs to a Large Company. Life Insurance was (Term life) was very affordable so I got the max for both myself and my wife.

    ( I know a woman who's husband did not do this and when he died her kids could not continue College and she lost the family home. Big mistake! If I die I want my family well taken care of)

    Found out I had cancer but somehome got 3 1/2 times my annual salary AS LONG as I am employed there.

    Not sure about Regular Medical but I was under the assumption that you are covered even if you have a preexisting problem. I also had to take drug tests (no big deal). I need the medical.

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    Never heard of a drug test for health insurance. I do know that if you take a term life policy out over certain amount they will want a physical with blood tests but this is just CBC etc..
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    My new Job came with Life insurance standard at 1 1/2 times my annual salary but I could increase it if I wanted to pay extra. It was VERY cheap term insurance and was only in effect as long as I was employed with the Company and paid for it. So I signed up for myself and my wife (she could get 100 K if I paid for it and was in effect as long as I was employed etc.

    They have a nurse come to your home and draw blood and weigh you etc. She got approved and I did not and they tell you the reason and told me to see my Doc and If I can prove I am healthy (no cancer and at my expense..they will not pay to retest me) then I can reapply. The Results (not the actual ones but if they REJECTED ME) are shared with other Life Insurance Companies (not good). Other places will reject me without even looking at me.

    The Insurance Companies have figured out guidelines where they can tell if you have a condition "brewing in your body" that will kill you in the next 5 years or so and they figured out it is cheaper to reject you than to take you on.

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    From my experience, not really. And if they do, they would only check for the "hard" stuff. So unless youre doing that sort of thing you should be good. Heck, most tests like that dont even test for benzos. Usually just weed (smh), cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. But, thats even if they test you at all. I have never been asked for a medical evaluation for coverege. However, me being 25 may have something to do with that...

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