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Thread: No insurance... What am I supposed to do??

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    I would state that not all is lost if you loose insurance.
    Somewhere there must be a way to find Dr's who will be glad to take your $75 for a visit (vs the copay and next to nothing the insurance company pays them) and prescribe affordable medications. I did this for a decade without insurance. When I did get insurance, and good insurance he retired
    He said that what insurance was paying him didn't make it worth maintaining a practice. He couldn't make a living, being that he was honest and not pushing what the pharma drug reps were offering.

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    This only addresses the medication part, but I was very lucky when I didn't have insurance. My doctor took advantage of the pharmacy reps samples. I recieved my meds no charge at all. If all else fails, request samples of the medication you need. Granted, this was a long time ago. But it's worth a shot to ask if you're really in a bind.
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    Where I live there are walk in centers that take cash or debit. I'm in CA. Not sure where everyone else is. Healthcare should be universal and what Trump has done to this country makes me sick to my stomach. My research uncovered that when he came into office he had all the coroners in the United states submit reports for every opiate death. He counts any person that dies with opiates in the blood AS AN OPIATE RELATED DEATH. Which is FALSE! Just because they had it in their system doesn't mean it's why they died. But it fluffs the numbers for him and gives him a platform to deny the world of pain management!
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    Where I live the best hospital has a program for those without health insurance and who make less than 200% over the poverty guidelines. It is a world reknown hospital and they actually do help with those who do not have health insurance. If you don’t mind, what state do you live in? This facility has satellite hospital s in several places and may be helpful to you. My other suggestion is talk to the billing department about programs for those who do not have medical. Best of luck.

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    I had a Dr who would find prescription assistance which big pharma would sponsor. I'm sure they got to write it off as a loss, if they pay taxes at all. Tell your Dr you can't afford the medication if that is the case and see if they are willing to help you out. Not all Dr's are evil, some are good - then they retire because they are sick of the broken system as much as struggling patients are.
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    ODD the NY marketplace messed up and removed me from the insurance we had. when they did, i lost the tax credit, they acknowledged they made the error, but couldnt fix it! It was time to renew anyway so we found out our premiums went up to over 400.00 a month with a 15,000 family deductible which we cant afford. So now were uninsured. I heard that the fine was no longer in effect though effective 2019.

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    Absolutely i am also bit aware of this. its true that trip to a doctor costs a lot so in this case if someone is too broke should look for community health clinics they may have sliding scale for people. urgent care centers don't charge fee for their service. some may charge little bit.that should not be big deal.
    apart from that i would say seek out charitable clinic and seek the government assistence.and most importantly believe in God. Nothing is impossible.

    Happy new year
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    There’s a new trend in my area of PCPs and walk in clinics that let patients pay a flat rate for their service and then use them whenever needed. The fees I saw were really cheap when compared to insurance premium. That won’t help you for hospital and testing but a really good deal for the uninsured that don’t qualify for other programs. If you are paying cash for prescriptions I highly suggest using goodrx. I use it all the time for our patients. It’s amazing the price difference and good rx gives you a coupon code that makes them even cheaper. If you haven’t applied for the WIC program I would highly suggest that as well.

    In terms of universal healthcare I’m not sure that’s the end all be all. Patients are often waiting very long periods of time for important appointments. It’s hard to attract good quality physicians in the countries that use it because the pay is so low. Patients frequently travel to the us to get the care they need because it’s not available in their country. When I worked in research I had a CRA who was actually a well trained infectious disease doctor. He makes more than double over here not using his MD
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  9. We really need insurance especially this time of pandemic. Lucky are the countries with great healthcare access regardless of social status. People there will no longer have to worry where they will get money when they get sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringmaster View Post
    I feel ya. This year the policy cost for my wife and I is over a thousand bucks, and we can't even use the damn thing b/c our PCP is only seeing patients on an emergency basis. If you add it up, we've paid $12k/year for YEARS and received almost no actual care. The system is broken, like everything else in this damn country. Sorry to hear about your intense struggle with this crap. Wishing you great luck.
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