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Thread: Drugbuyers (db) members here!

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    I am devastated. Today I came with my script to our small pharmacy and there is a sign on the door that they would be closing its doors... I carefully opened the door walked straight to my friend, pharmacists Scott. He looked at my, script, looked, at me, "We lost our supplier Olart [name changed] we cannot be a Pain Managment Pharmacy without CII and CIII shipped to us, here is CVS not to far from us (he wrote an adsress of a CVS Pharmacy and told me that the Pharmacy Manager knows the situation and willing to accept his clients. He paused. He literally had tears on his eye since it's not about oxycodone.... ITS HIS BUSINESS - HIS BUSINESS, HIS AWESOME COMPOUNDING OLD SCHOOL BUT NEW TECHNOLOGY WAY OF COMBINING INGREDIENTS AND MAKING TOPICAL ANYTHING AND LIQUID ANYTHING AND STRAWBERY BANANA FLAVORED SYROP FOR MY KIDS COUGH OR MANY MANY OTHER CUSTOME MEDICINE - ALL THIS EDDORT BUILT YEAR BY YEAR GOT DESTROYED BECAUSE SOMETHING RELATED TO FEDERAL LAW, NEW OPIOD GUIDLINES AND ALL HIS BUSINESS WAS IS TO HELP PEOPLE LIKE ME - PAIN MANAGMENT CLINIC PATIENETS. He always had everything on stock, his only rule way that all other medications we had to fill at his pharmacy as well, and friends IT WAS THE BEST PHARMACY EVER. BEST PRICES ALMOST 99% lower than my copay while my minimum copay would be $10 and cash price would be $2.47, WalMart would charge $10 no help and if I have problems with that they would say find another pharmacy because they have thousand other losers insurance holders to scam on. I am so devastated that now I had to go to major chain CVS Pharmacy again and I went today. Nothing good. They had the medication BUT " WE DO NOT ACCEPT THE SCRIPTS UNTIL THE DAY THEY WILL BE FILLED (which is a lie, I used to be their customer, and they accepted the script before for my OxyContin and Oxycodone plus my Librium was due today and it was also written on the script, so I got screwed today.) my fill date is the 20th so CVS told me to come in on that date with the potential that They WILL BE OUT OF ThE MEDds.

    As of my situation, sad sad news...
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    Drugbuyers (db) members here!
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    Wow. I have been a member since 2014 and I guess I didn't understand but we were supposed to introduce ourselves. It seems to be a pretty popular thing though. My profile says I'm "old enough to know better quote and I think I'll leave it at that. I have been on again off again with Ambien and usually the times I'm "off again" I simply can't find a way to get it. I found a good place to order and kind of quit posting or looking around here on the site. Now that place has dried up and I'm back here again looking for info, and clawing my way toward senior status so I can get some good info. Already been scammed twice, so good luck to us all.
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  4. Hey everyone! I'm Kathy a SAHM of 3 kiddos. Been researching options for my ongoing pain management. Have had more back procedures done than I can count and a back surgery. Significantly better than I used to be; but having a major flare up currently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H20shed65 View Post
    Oh...I think you are confusing the definitely DEFUNCT DB Forum with DrugBuyersGuide dot net

    The first crashed and burned. The second is a well know front/shill board for one Specific Vendor who specializes in BathTub Meds. was a must 15 years ago but I can't stop laughing about "BathTub Meds". :-)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by FunnyMom View Post
    Hey everyone! I'm Kathy a SAHM of 3 kiddos. Been researching options for my ongoing pain management. Have had more back procedures done than I can count and a back surgery. Significantly better than I used to be; but having a major flare up currently.
    Welcome to the forum, I truly hope you find what you're looking for.

  7. I havent been on here in so long due to natural pain alternatives that i attempted but only make the knee and back pain bearable for me to continue with my strenuous and labor intense job, so i am back here again and in the hunt to not get robbed by some smooth talking scam artist!
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    This thread is so old and misunderstood that nearly every post has been off topic for years, not that Id want it closed as its kind of an nostalgic old home day if one goes back to the more original postings. I miss the wild west format of the original Drugbuyers forum, even though many found it offensive. It wasnt boring!
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  9. Default Hi ya'll!

    Hello all! I am a new bee here, and hoping to figure out how just how this site works with out breaking any of the rule! I'm rather confused regarding the 1 forem rule. Hopefully I just misunderstood it?? Anyway, I'm Karen and I look forward to picking everyone's brain... With out trouble... 😕

  10. Former drugbuyers poster here. It's been awhile but I glad to find this site

  11. same old timer..... good to find somwhere

  12. Hello, everyone,

    Been a while since ive used a forum as I got away for financial reasons, but since dbg is now way differernt, and I googled this up and found it, as well as ioplist, but seems very small, so I figured id give it a shot.

    i'm looking for a family, not just simply a hookup and be on my way, I was a member of dbg for 4 years, and did a lot of reading not as much posting, but it alarms me they now sell memberships to the higher up suppliers, that's a bad sign in my book, but anyway, just wanted to say hello, and hope to meet and speak with you guys over these forums, btw happy holidays! there not over yet!

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    Wrong drugbuyers forum for this thread..understandable, but wish this thread was divided into old drugbuyers (legendary) and the new drugbuyers whom i thought ripped of this sites template for to become a platform for certain vendors.....i give up.

  14. I'm new here. My name is John. This site send very useful and I am really excited to start using it. Does anyone have any thoughts or tips for getting started? I read the rules and jazz but it didn't give much advice on using the site

  15. db was great back in the day... except for the time me and many others were burned by farmaciarapida... learned a lot from that experience.

  16. Drugbuyers (db) members here!
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