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Thread: hello everyone

  1. Default hello everyone

    Not new to forums but new to this one..looks lovely! I hope to make friends and gather great info. Howdy partners!

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    hello everyone
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    turnery will become famous soon enoughturnery will become famous soon enough

    Hi @deathskullz I am new too so hello to another newbie
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    Bourbon or Bonfires.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by turnery View Post
    Hi @deathskullz I am new too so hello to another newbie
    hah well thanks!

  5. Hi im new here too (well had an account a while but not really used)
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    Howdy Deathskullz.

  7. Greetings deathskullz, I concur, this place does look lovely. Seems lovely so far too. Look forward to interacting with you!
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    Welcome @deathskullz I have found this to be the best in Forums -filled with reliable, genuine people- a wealth of info and a ton of support, this is my online bar, where everyone doesn't know my name but I'm free to ramble and babble lol, seriously I hope you find it as useful as I do and see the posts from some truly amazing minds!

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    Hi im new here too (well had an account a while but not really used)
    Welcome -I hope you'll stop in more and see that after you become a senior member there is much info, but before that you'll find a ton of advice and awesome folks that are very supportive!

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    welcome _5Wa - Copy.jpg You joined the best forum online.

  10. hello everyone

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