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    Just wanted to pop in and say hi! I've been lurking around and doing lots of reading. Must say it's all still confusing to me at the moment but hopefully with more reading and posting i will get there. Feeling nervous about posting ????so thought a quick hi couldn't go too wrong!
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    Hello and a big welcome to you Jster. Nothing to feel nervous about in this forum. As opposed to a good many others, the majority of people here are extremely kind, knowledgeable and more than happy to help. I too felt rather confused when I first came here but with some steady reading and asking others for help I found the advice I needed. Look forward to your future posts.

  4. Hi @trish5959 thanks for the hello. Everyone seems nice and friendly on here so i'm going to do lots of reading and hopefully join in more on posts i feel i can contribute on. Thanks again.
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  5. Hello!

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