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Thread: Package received with green "Inspected by Customs" tape but contents still sent through?

  1. On three occasions, if memory services me well, I received a shipment which had been resealed with a tape from Customs. My meds were still inside, with a letter from the border agency telling me that even though I should not have ordered them, but that they still forwarded it to me "so as not to interrupt my treatment".
    I thought it was a trap but everything worked fine.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Utopiate View Post
    Some years ago I started receiving letters from a favorite vendor that had a big green stripes on the top of each one. The marks looked like they might have been made by a really large sharpee. None of them seemed to have been opened. I guess it was the third time I got a letter with this mark that I mentioned it to the vendor. It turned out that s/he was putting those stripes on the letters believing that the personnel at many inspection points would accept it as a sign that the letter had already been checked somewhere along the way and didn't merit any further scrutiny. Maybe it worked . . .
    I’d be worried that marking the package like that would have the opposite effect and attract too much attention. Still, my very first overseas order about 10 years ago arrived in a manila envelope with the word “TRAMADOL” written across it in big letters. So go figure. Imagine my joy at the thought that every person handling that package got to see that.
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    I’ve had a package a couple years back with green tape and contents still Inside. Scared me to death honestly. I know a lot of folks say “eh your ok” and I say the same thing as well but when it happens to you, whewwww, you can’t help but shit your pants a little but lol.

    In the end all was good

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    I think that Pfizer would be happy to know how the customs did their job

    As already said, they were looking for something else. Due that its not registered med, by law it should be destroyed.

    It shows that they dont have time to deal with things that are not bringing praises, or it simply was some decent person.

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