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Thread: Weightloss with myfitnesspal app

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    Default Weightloss with myfitnesspal app

    Hey if your trying to lose weight there is one effective simple way to simply burn more calories then you eat. This app has been useful to me and if you are trying to lose weight try it out it's free.
    No I am not a sales person for this app. I just need some like or helpful hits lol. I can't find anything to answer. Lol
    But this app does work try it out.
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    There are plenty of threads you can join in like non med threads etc....joining in on those might help you better than this post just MHO. There are lots of great threads like what made you smile today, what are you binge watching will be surprised the likes you get just by joining in on conversation and getting to know other members.
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    Many of my friends use MyFitnessPal. I however choose Lose-It! I've been using it for about a year now and although my weightloss goals are small, I've still gotten great value from tracking my calories and learning which foods are high calorie, yet not very filling (soda I'm looking at you old friend!) and which foods are low calorie, yet very filling (yum pure proteins!). I highly recommend any calorie tracking app if you're serious about losing weight.

  5. Weightloss with myfitnesspal app

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